Gran Turismo Movie Directed by Neill Blomkamp Will Reportedly Release in August 2023

Gran Turismo Movie Directed by Neill Blomkamp Will Reportedly Release in August 2023

Matt Lorrigan

Sony is planning to release a Neill Blomkamp-directed Gran Turismo movie in August 2023, according to a report from IGN.

However, rather than being a generic racing film using the Gran Turismo name, the film is apparently based on the true story of a racing driver with strong connections to the Gran Turismo franchise. The Gran Turismo film will follow a teenage Gran Turismo player who goes onto become a professional race car driver - just like professional British driver Jann Mardenborough, who currently competes in the Japanese Super GT series. Mardenborough got his start in 2011 as the youngest winner of the GT Academy competition in 2011 at the age of 19.

A Gran Turismo movie was first reported on last month, with District 9 director Neil Blomkamp's name also attached. With TV adaptations for God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn also rumoured, it seems that PlayStation is investing heavily in adapting its popular video game franchises for other forms of media. This includes confirmed projects such as the recently-released Uncharted film, upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film, as well as TV shows based on The Last of Us and Twisted Metal.

  • No hate here, but I don’t see what they can really do with a Gran Turismo movie.

    They could surprise me, but I’m expecting a very cliché movie about a rookie racer, overcoming the odds, and winning the big race.. you know, that classic narrative that we’ve seen a million times.
  • Wish he would fight for his alien movie to be made once RS Alien awakening completes the prequel trilogy
  • What a waste of talent. Blomkamp makes amazing sci-fi films but this?
  • Fuckin prawns
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