Resident Evil Village 'Shadows of Rose' DLC, New Mercenaries Content, and Third-Person Mode Confirmed For October

Resident Evil Village 'Shadows of Rose' DLC, New Mercenaries Content, and Third-Person Mode Confirmed For October

Richard Walker

Now is the Winters of our downloadable content, as Capcom has unveiled the ‘Winters' Expansion’ for Resident Evil Village, a triple pack of DLC containing a story-driven ‘Shadows of Rose’ chapter, The Mercenaries Additional Orders add-on, and a third-person mode.

In the Shadows of Rose story expansion, which is set from an entirely third-person viewpoint, you'll play as Rosemary Winters, daughter of RE VII and RE Village protagonist Ethan. The story picks up 16 years on from the events of Village, and sees Rose looking to free herself from her curse, and get rid of her terrifying powers.

The Mercenaries Additional Orders, meanwhile, includes new stages and Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg (with hammer and magnetic powers), and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu who towers above enemies at nine-feet tall. The expansion pack also includes a third-person mode, enabling you to play the main game as Ethan, from a third-person perspective.

The Winters' Expansion will be coming to Resident Evil Village on 28th October, alongside the launch of multiplayer title Resident Evil RE:VERSE. The Winters Expansion will also be bundled with the base game in the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. You can check it all out in the new trailer below.

  • It feels really weird that went above and beyond to a comical degree to keep Ethan's face hidden, only to then suddenly go "f**k it" and release a third-person mod...e...mode, I said mode.
  • That DLC sounds more along the lines of what I would've expected from RE: IX. Oh well, I'm still more than interested.
  • @SweGabe, my guess is the game won't allow us to rotate the camera to look at Ethan's face; it will just always stay behind Ethan and he will turn around as the camera angle rotates. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Really like the music of the trailer.
  • Wow, very nice. Especially looking forward to that 3rd person mode. Kinda hope they go back to the previous games and give both options.
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