Saints Row 'Boss Factory' Character Creator Out Now, Watch Us Use it to Make Shrek

Saints Row 'Boss Factory' Character Creator Out Now, Watch Us Use it to Make Shrek

Richard Walker

Deep Silver and developer Volition have unveiled the free ‘Boss Factory’ character creator for Saints Row, enabling you to build your own character ahead of the full game's launch this August. A standalone demo featuring the game's full customisation suite, Boss Factory is where you can create your Saint from scratch, without any restrictions.

Upon registering for a Saints Row account via the Boss Factory hub, you'll unlock the Marshall Rocket Launcher for use in the full game, and once you've made and shared a Boss Factory character, you'll get two free helmets to deck them out with in the full version of Saints Row.

We've had our hands on the Saints Row Boss Factory, and not only messed around with the myriad customisation options on offer, but also had a go at creating a couple of characters based on faces you may know. Matt picked one and I picked one, then Dan turned his hand to building them. You can see the fruits of his labour in the video below. It's the Boss Factory Creator Challenge!

You can also let us know how you get on, should you decide to make a Boss Factor character. Saints Row launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 23rd August.

  • I'll probably just recreate the standard Boss from SR 3 or 4, at least then I'll have the feeling I'm playing Saints Row.
  • can't wait to get this cheap black friday
  • @Unger:
    You played with the standard choice?! You monster!

    I hate when they have promotional stuff for activities outside of the game. Let's hope they are not dense enough to pull a Army of TWO and tie a trophy or game progression percentage to it.
  • Trophy idea for Saints Row. it'll be called Be Your Own Boss. How to get it: Make a character with the Boss Factory creation kit. It's the trophy c1ned1ne fears.
  • @Maxstuff:
    Well, I wouldn't have much of a problem with it as I am planning on buying it close to release. But services like these tend to last shorter than multiplayer modes.
  • @c1ned1ne, Haha always, never mess around with that editor stuff. Takes too long and I'm not creative enough to create someone I like.
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