Final Fantasy XVI Gets a New Trailer Full of Epic Summons, Summer 2023 Release Window

Final Fantasy XVI Gets a New Trailer Full of Epic Summons, Summer 2023 Release Window

Richard Walker

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy XVI trailer, revealing a snippet of the gritty-looking storyline, and a selection of the game's epic summons, known in the game as ‘Eikons’. Also, a reminder that the protagonist is called Clive. Clive Rosfield.

The new ‘Dominance’ trailer features Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Bahamut, Odin, and others, all of whom will clash amid the “high-octane” action, as shown in some of the video's battling gameplay. FF16 will revolve around Hugo Kupka's meteoric rise to power, his awakening as the “Dominant of the Eikon Titan” putting him at the forefront of Dhalmekian politics.

“It was here he used his newfound position as the most powerful man in the republic to exert influence over both the nation’s armies and its policy making—amassing a personal fortune in the process,” Director Hiroshi Takai explains on the PS Blog. This Kupka fella sounds like he's the bad guy, and with Benedikta Harman, Dominant of the Eikon Garuda, Clive will teach him that wealth and power isn't everything.

You'll be able to head to the realm of Valisthea when Final Fantasy XVI launches for PlayStation 5 in summer 2023. Give the latest trailer a watch below.

  • Summer 2023! After how blah XV was for me I'm hoping this one is better. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the game it just felt like something was missing from it.
    Starting to look like a Dynasty Warriors game with how the combat appears. Should do a game and name it Dynasty Fantasy: Final Warriors.
  • I am very unimpressed with the actual game play combat. It seems that our beloved FF series will be migrating from an RPG to full on action game. Honestly saddens the hell out of me!
  • Is it just me, or have the summons become a little too important to FF plots lately? Getting their blessing was a bit part of 15's story, and now once again they seem to be driving the plot. I like the summons, and they are a FF staple, but constantly making them the plot is repetitive.
  • Looks pretty awesome, does this have any connection with the previous 15 games? Always puts me off of playing since I don't know the story at all.
  • @Darkrequiem: To be fair, summons have always been central to FF stories. Sometimes they're less of the main focus, but they've always been important. The effects of GFs are central to VIII's plot. The presence of espers in the world of VI is the driving force of the whole story. etc etc
    @Unger: It does not, as far as we can tell. Each mainline numbered entry is usually its own world and its own story disconnected from others. There occasionally can be tertiary connections drawn between them in the deep lore, but you never need to know it to play a new one.
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