Ape Escape, Wild Arms, Hot Shots Golf, and More PS1 Games Get Trophy Lists

Ape Escape, Wild Arms, Hot Shots Golf, and More PS1 Games Get Trophy Lists

Matt Lorrigan

Trophy lists for five of the PS1 games being made available through the new PlayStation Plus have popped up on the PlayStation servers.

As well as Syphon Filter, which was the first PS1 Classic to be confirmed to have a trophy list, new lists have also been added for Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, I.Q Intelligent Qube, and Wild Arms.

These new trophy lists have popped up following the launch of the “all-new” PlayStation Plus in Asia, the first territory that Sony is rolling out the service to. Early footage of PS1 games in action on the PS5 revealed gameplay features such as save states, rewind, and even CRT filters. However, the game that was being tested, Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, didn't have a trophy list, seemingly confirming that trophy lists will be optional for PlayStation 1 titles.

The new PlayStation Plus is continuing to roll out worldwide over the coming month, hitting Japan on 1st June, followed by the Americas on 13th June, and finally Europe on 22nd June.

The big question is, will trophy lists for classic PS1 games convince you to dive into PlayStation Plus' highest membership tier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Borrowed Ape Escape from someone when little and only managed to get 99% before I had to give it back. Had 1 last monkey I could never catch. Been wanting to play it again for years and a full trophy list gives me a good reason to return and complete unfinished business.
  • I loved the ape escape series so adding trophies to the first game is definitely a reason to replay it again
  • Sweet, the more games that have the trophies the better.
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