PS1 Games on PS Plus Will Have  Save States, a Rewind Feature, and CRT Filters

PS1 Games on PS Plus Will Have Save States, a Rewind Feature, and CRT Filters

Matt Lorrigan

The new PlayStation Plus revamp has started rolling out in Asia, the first territory in which it's launching, and early bird players have recorded footage showing the multiple features arriving alongside PS Premium's PS1 Classics.

The first game that players have managed to get their hands on is Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, and a video from YouTuber Mystic has offered up plenty of information that Sony had yet to disclose. Much like Nintendo Switch Online's retro game offerings, PS1 games on PlayStation Plus will include multiple Save States, allowing you to pause and save at any point in the game, as well as a rewind function, allowing you to quickly undo any silly mistakes.

There's also several visual preset options, including a raw Default setting, a slightly darker Modern setting, and a Retro Classic setting which adds a CRT filter to the image for a more traditional look. Additionally, there are loads of aspect ratio options, such as 4:3, 1:1, square pixels, a wide stretched zoom, and even native resolution, which will shrink the image down to it's native pixel count on your screen of choice.

Mystic's video also included further information, including confirmation of the fact that individual games can be purchased outside of the subscription. It also seems that trophy support for PS1 games is optional, with Abe's Odyssey not offering trophies, despite Syphon Filter being confirmed to have trophies last week.

  • Will this website show a list of which games have trophy support?
  • At least they are putting some effort into it. It's nice to see these additional features available.
  • Liking how ya can 'buy' some of these games also, without use of subscription
  • He’s looking at his trophy list while logged in, if they aren’t on the server yet, they won’t show up while connected to PSN.. he needs to turn off network connection to see if trophies are added to his offline trophy list
  • From the games list we've seen from other regions that have been confirmed released today, don't expect many classics coming our way right off the bat. I also don't have high hopes for the future for more niche stuff that people would want (like do we really need the original spyro/crash when the remasters are so close to the original? I would rather have stuff like tomba)

    Ape Escape's list was very very uninspired... basically just beat the game and clean up the spectre coins. I don't see many devs bothering with this unfortunately, or if they do the lists won't have much depth to them

    A community called retroachievements (bad community, don't waste time joining up) added trophies into many old games, and it takes them a while to do so - you have to find data values that relate to certain counters in game. I think for many of these old games, they weren't created with trophies in mind so certain "triggers" might not exist by default and need to be worked in somehow. Who knows
  • Is the Toy Story 2 game going to have trophies?!
  • I assume they use the tech they've patented some years ago that could unlock trophies based on the address space accessed. So, mostly stuff like levels or where cutscenes are involved.
  • Nice, making it more playable.
  • I’m wondering if PS1 games have trophies, what consoles will it say the game is for?? Like how PS4 and 5 mention if it’s a PS3, Vita, PS4 or PS5 game
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