Syphon Filter Will Arrive on the New PlayStation Plus With Trophy Support, Bend Studio Confirms

Syphon Filter Will Arrive on the New PlayStation Plus With Trophy Support, Bend Studio Confirms

Richard Walker

When the new PlayStation Plus arrives in Asia later this month and rolls out across the rest of the world throughout June, a whole bunch of classic PlayStation titles will be available with the premium Deluxe tier subscription. You may be wondering, therefore, whether any of these games will have trophies, and it seems the answer is yes.

Among the 340 classic PlayStation titles offered with PlayStation Plus Deluxe, will be Syphon Filter, and developer Bend Studio has confirmed that the game will arrive on the revamped service with its very own trophy list. Naturally, that has us thinking that other games in the library could also be given the same treatment.

Classic PlayStation games with brand-spanking trophy lists? Suddenly, that Deluxe PlayStation Plus membership is looking slightly more tempting… You can take a look at the games confirmed for the new PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier here. The new PlayStation Plus launches in Asia from 23rd May 2022, with Japan to swiftly follow just over a week later on 1st June. The service then extends to the Americas from 13th June, before heading to Europe on 22nd June.

  • Damn, well played Sony. You picked one of the few games on PS1 that I would actually play through for more than just nostalgia. Reyt game!
  • Just for others who might have this question, at some point soon we'll be able to ok purchase the PS1 classics individually with no sub required.

    Buying ps deluxe is like buying a large kebab, so much content for one person and always feels like I haven't quite got it in me to get my money's worth. 2005 me would've lapped this up
  • What about if you have disc still well pissed off.
  • Lovely!
  • I was reading that these PS1 games which were purchasable on the PS Store can be downloaded for free (if you already purchased them) on your PS4/PS5 even if you don't subscribe to the new PS Plus. I was wondering if these trophies would be still available if you have purchased these PS1 games...
  • The classic games have trophy support has me going from not caring about the Premium tier to being very interested.
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