God of War Ragnarok Will Include More Than 60 Accessibility Features

God of War Ragnarok Will Include More Than 60 Accessibility Features

Richard Walker

Developer Sony Santa Monica has detailed some of the accessibility features for God of War Ragnarök, beyond the redesigned, and more readable UI. Controller mapping has also been rebuilt, while more customisation options will be available for the game's combat and interaction systems. That's in addition to the accessibility stuff previously available in 2018's God of War.

More than 60 “ways to adjust gameplay” will feature in God of War Ragnarök, bringing over accessibility options from the PC release of God of War, like auto sprint, an ‘always on’ reticle, various aim and block styles, and more. New features, meanwhile, include a range of improvements to subtitles and captions, enabling you to change text colours and size, adding audio cues, speaker names, direction indicators, and more.

In-game icons can also be scaled, while controller mapping will encompass a number or presets, alongside the ability to change individual buttons, touchpad shortcuts, and other inputs. A high contrast mode will also enable you to apply colours to in-game objects like targets, enemies, other characters, and various item types. There will also be traversal assistance, and other helpful options on offer.

“We are committed to improving accessibility and customisation for everyone,” Lead UX Designer Mila Pavlin writes on the PS Blog. “We can’t wait to tell you details about our other categories of accessibility features like combat/aim assists, puzzle/minigame assists, HUD adjustments, camera tuning, auto pick up, and much more.”

God of War Ragnarök is scheduled to release for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later in 2022, apparently spelling the end of the series' foray into Norse mythology.

  • Good to see that they’re expanding the accessibility options. Even as someone who has no disability when it comes to gaming, these options are always welcome to me
  • Strange to make trailers for this, it seems like a screenshot would do the trick.
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