Saints Row Gameplay: 17-Minutes of Stunts, Wingsuits, Customisation, and Wanton Violence

Saints Row Gameplay: 17-Minutes of Stunts, Wingsuits, Customisation, and Wanton Violence

Richard Walker

Saints Row has always been known for its overblown stunts, outlandish humour, and slapstick violence, and, based upon our latest look at the game (you can read our full preview impressions here), the upcoming reboot looks no different in that regard.

Taking the open world action to the streets of Santo Ileso, a city that developer Volition promises will be its most diverse Saints environment yet, Saints Row deals with the origins of the eponymous gang, and their rise to power. Fighting to make a name for themselves against rival factions, the Saints will need to scratch out some cash, before gradually tightening its grip on Santo Ileso, one district at a time.

Featuring masses of customisation, a stack of ludicrous weapons, loads of vehicles, an ejector seat, wingsuit, and a whole mess of other mad stuff, Saints Row will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 23rd August. Take a look at 17-minutes of unfettered Saints Row action in our gameplay below.

  • I can't say I'm sold on this yet. This footage helped, but there's just something about it that I'm really not into. I think the early preview stuff made it seem like the theme was going to be really lame. I dont know...

    What I do know is that right off the bat it turned me off when it took like 5 headshots to kill that enemy. I really hate that. Headshots, especially on unarmed enemies, should just be insa-kills in a game like this.

    It looked like the cop cars take less damage to destroy than it takes to kill a human enemy by shooting them in the head.
  • looking more like s r 3, but i'm still holding my cash till black friday to buy this.
  • Between SR2 and SR3 sounds like my sweet spot. 3 was a bit too outlandish at times, 2 was too much psychopath at times.
    Might buy it day-one, because ... yeah, what else is there during summer?

    For the people complaining about the sexual/childish .. um, I mean ... offensive. Yeah, totally offensive ... humour:
    - Ring Sting Wings
    - a Drag Queen arcade machine
    - the Bikini Bottom Casion (yeah, that's more than a Spongebob reference)
    - Woodbush Country Club
    - Smooth Putts Crazy Golf
    - the Idols graffito at point 17:00

    It's still there. Just a little less on-the-nose.


    - a free serving of soft cream cone at Twisty Cream (do not google at work ... for the love of god, forget I ever mentioned it)
  • I can't wait to play this at $20 or less.
  • SJW trash is SJW trash. I'd rather keep playing my current games or older ones than this.
  • I think this actually looks pretty good. I'm a fan of the saints humour but they lost it in 3 IMO. Never played 4.
  • As a hugh SR fan im very much looking forward playing this day 1

    It was time for a reboot..
  • @5: Man those "SJWS" are living rent free in your head LMAO! And you wonder why people like to dunk hypersensitive gamerbros that whine about SJWS and woke.
  • @cirative - every game you've ever played will have been made alongside someone's political and social agenda.

    Sleep tight
  • Graphics are really bad for a PS5 game.
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