Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumoured To Be in the Works at The Medium Studio, Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumoured To Be in the Works at The Medium Studio, Bloober Team

Richard Walker

Bloober Team, the developer behind horror titles like Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium, is reportedly turning its hand to a remake of Silent Hill 2. The rumour comes care of ‘Nate the Hate’ on Twitter, subsequently corroborated by Jeff Grubb.

According to said rumour, the Silent Hill 2 remake will release as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5, and will apparently boast “reworked puzzles” and “new endings”. According to VentureBeat's Grubb, he's heard similar things.

“This is the stuff I’ve heard, and it comes from multiple different sources. Not all of my sources are primary, but everything is mostly lining up,” Grubb remarked in a tweet. “To me, the biggest indicator is the stuff I’ve seen lines up with Konami doing a big reveal at E3 last year before it pulled out.”

Konami is rumoured to be working on a number of different Silent Hill projects, with screenshots for one of them leaking only last week. There's even rumblings that Metal Gear maestro and P.T. creator Hideo Kojima could be involved in some capacity. Meanwhile, Bokeh Game Studio, a team comprising numerous former Silent Hill devs, is working on its own offbeat horror experience, Slitterhead.

We'll hopefully hear more on the rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake and anything else Silent Hill related that might emerge, in due course. It's about bloody time the series made a comeback.

  • Another day, another Silent Hill rumor. Been happening for years and it won’t stop until one of them turns out to be true. I won’t hold my breath.
  • IDK but doing a Silent Hill 2 remake before Silent Hill 1 seems weird to me. I know the loose retelling of it was done in Shattered Memories but it deserve AAA treatment.
  • I believe it's been 7 or so years since I've read about a Silent Hill "comeback." Who cares at this point.

    Konami hasn't made a good video game since Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (in my opinion, I know Castlevania purists dislike it.)

    Just look at their most recent Contra game to get an idea of what kind of effort they'll put into any of their games. Bloober Team or any other developer involved will be rushed to release it, and won't be funded well enough to produce a decent product.
  • New endings? Oy, keep the dog in!
  • A silent hill 2 rumour?! At least let the various silent hill 1 rumours develop into a game first
  • Never played this one so would definitely welcome a remaster, but any Silent Hill project would be welcome at this point.
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