The Callisto Protocol to Break Silence With News This Week

The Callisto Protocol to Break Silence With News This Week

Matt Lorrigan

It looks like we'll be getting an update on upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol this week, according to the game's developer.

First announced back in 2020, The Callisto Protocol is a single-player sci-fi survival horror game from developer Striking Distance Studios, which is headed up by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. Bizarrely, it's also somehow set in the PUBG universe.

Anyway, Schofield took to Twitter last week on friday the 13th to reveal some new enemy art, and announce that news was arriving in the week commencing 16th May - that's this week.

“If you don’t already follow @CallistoTheGame now might be a good time to start. Look for some news next week,” said Schofield on Twitter. “Until then, here’s a closeup of one of the creatures from our world class character team. They’re incredible. Happy Friday the 13th! Get ready!”

We last got a proper look at The Callisto Protocol just a week after the game was announced, in December 2020, with an extended trailer, so it will be good to see how the sci-fi survival horror game has progressed since then. 

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