Deathloop Game Update 3 Rolls Out Today With New Photo Mode and Various Accessibility Features

Deathloop Game Update 3 Rolls Out Today With New Photo Mode and Various Accessibility Features

Richard Walker

Deathloop has today received its third major update for PS5, introducing a new Photo Mode, additional accessibility options, and various improvements. Codes for unique PlayStation 5 Deathloop avatars are also available, so you can nab those for free, if you like.

With Deathloop's spiffy new Photo Mode, you can take snaps using a range of filters, stickers, poses, and other customisation options, available via the game's pause menu during single-player. Alternatively, you can enable a Photo Mode shortcut through the Controls and ‘Controller’ tab in the Options menu. Double tapping the Create button on your DualSense will then open Photo Mode.

Photo Mode also enables you to swap between Colt and Julianna, before switching outfits and weapons.

Elsewhere in Game Update 3, you'll find more than thirty improvements and additional accessibility options, including more streamlined menu navigation and interface, new gameplay options enabling you to tweak single-player combat difficulty, number of Reprises, and game speed. HUD and subtitle options have also been included, like text size, opacity, and colour customisation, and a range of other features.

As for the free Deathloop PS5 avatars, you can claim yours using the codes below. They feature Colt, Julianna, and the Visionaries you're tasked with killing in the game. You'll find the specific code for your region  below, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

  • SIEA (North America, South America): 7673-6HNN-K887
  • SIEE (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania): 3XF7-QANX-CJ6A
  • SIEJ (Japan): QQH5-75NA-3TBP
  • SIE Asia (Asia): KB3H-FQNJ-5BCT
  • SIEK (South Korea): AN6J-FGNM-CCH7

Deathloop is available now for PlayStation 5. You can find out about the game's previous Game Update 2 here and Game Update 1 here.

  • Subtitles now? Honestely can't remember if we have some even. Might have been one of the reasons I didn't play it further.
    Anyway, that's stuff you should ahave from the beginning of the game.

    With the improved menu navigation they'll hopefully fi the bug that locks the game if you hit Escape to often or quickly and can't leave the menuscreen at all anymore. Having your progress on a map lost because of this is irritating to say the least.
  • Why not just put the avatars for free in the store? Those codes seem unnecessary.
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