PlayStation 5 Sales Pass 19 Million, But Fall Short of Target

PlayStation 5 Sales Pass 19 Million, But Fall Short of Target

Matt Lorrigan

Sony's latest financial results reveal that the company has sold 19.3 million PlayStation 5 consoles as of 31st March 2022, missing the company's previous target.

As of the last count up to 31st December 2021, PlayStation 5 had shifted 17.3 million units, meaning that the in-demand console has sold an additional 2 million within the last three months. These aren't bad numbers by any stretch, by this point in the PlayStation 4's lifecycle, the last-gen console had surpassed 22 million units sold.

Sony had hoped that the PlayStation 5 would also surpass this number, stating last year that it planned to sell 14.8 million units of PS5 within the console's second financial year (1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022). Adding these numbers onto the console's previous sales on of 7.8 million in its first financial year would have brought PS5 sales up to 22.6 million. However, with the console only managing to shift 11.5 million units in the last financial year, Sony hasn't quite managed to hit this target. This is certainly down to stock issues, rather than a lack of demand, with the console still difficult to find in the wild in many territories.

  • Hard to sell what you can't produce.
  • 10million for scalpers, 9 million for actual customers
  • Good now we're passing the 20mil mark that should encourage more to produce current gen only games and leave the PS4 era behind.
  • @lizardking1545:
    It's not only availability now. I rather pay for food and shelter than having the newest console. It's not that bad, luckily, but in the current economic purchases of luxury good certainly take a backseat.
  • I'd have bought one if it was more readily available. Oh, well.
  • @c1ned1ne - That for so many folk! Sad to see it, hear and know that we live in a world where that should not be happening, as well as, massive financial inequality from general greed.
  • I have been wanting to get a PS5 since January this year but no luck so far; the consoles come in very limited numbers almost only once a month.

    I really do not want to get PS4 as the alternative because it is near the end of its life cycle, and I absolutely refuse to give my PS5 money to scalpers. Curse them all.
  • God what a dumb article . People want to buy it they just can't find them
  • They actually aren't that hard to get if you keep your eye out for them. Ive gotten several since their release without that much effort. It just involves a little bit of hunting.
  • @railroberto, How is it a dumb article? It only contains facts and figures...
  • oh well. guess i'll have to wait for the ps6 to come out to get a ps5. kinda like how i waited till 2011 to get a ps3 right as the ps4 was nearing coming out
  • yes it is still hard to get hold of one, but i ended up using the "register" to buy one. i logged in at the specific time and got one within ten minutes.
  • There is no stock shortage... people on ebay and amazon have sold "as it says itself" 2.504 ps5 sold and that is just ONE vendor (username, person, persons) that i mentioned and how did one individual(s) get over 2000 playstations meanwhile stores are struggling to get 20 ps5's? That is because or it is sony themselves selling you ps5 at $700-$1.000 or they sold it to those people themselves...

    You dont believe me? Go to ebay and look up playstation 5's and then see "how many sold" you will be amazed how many ps5's these individual vendors have sold and thus how much they had in the first place

    There IS NOT chip shortage and there is no shortage of playstation 5's

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