Sonic Prime Netflix Animated Series Gets a Super Short Teaser Trailer

Sonic Prime Netflix Animated Series Gets a Super Short Teaser Trailer

Matt Lorrigan

Sonic mania (the phenomenon, not the game) is sweeping the world right now following the release of the second Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and now we've got a short look at the upcoming Netflix animated series too.

The first small glimpse at Sonic Prime can be seen via the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account down below, or through Netflix's recent animation trailer here. It certainly doesn't give a lot away, but we do see Sonic the Hedgehog himself running with his trademark red figure-of-eight blur, and grabbing a ring. So, you know, it seems pretty Sonic-y so far.

The new trailer also comes alongside the news that Sonic will be getting a brand new voice actor for the animated Sonic Prime series. While Ben Schwartz is staying on as the voice of movie Sonic, and Roger Craig Smith will continue to voice the blue blur in the video games, voice actor Deven Mack has announced that he will be voicing Sonic in Sonic Prime. And, the good news is, his Sonic voice sounds pretty spot on, so we're sure he'll do a great job.

Sonic Prime is due to come to Netflix later in 2022.

  • Yup, that sure is a Sonic.
  • Looks cute, hope it's got humor like the live action movies.
  • Did Roger Craig Smith not want more money to voice Sonic? Or is this another instance of actors who mainly do VO acting getting looked over for a voice-role?
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