Star Wars Jedi 2 Reportedly New-Gen Only, Dropping 'Fallen Order' Suffix, Out in 2023

Star Wars Jedi 2 Reportedly New-Gen Only, Dropping 'Fallen Order' Suffix, Out in 2023

Richard Walker

Officially announced earlier this year, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is happening, and some apparent details on the upcoming follow-up to the Respawn title have emerged. Among said info is the possibility that the 'Fallen Order’ suffix might be dropped from the title.

Additionally, the game is said to be new-gen only, and set for release sometime next year. That's according to serial info leaker, VentureBeat journo Jeff Grubb, spilling the beans once again on his Grubbsnax show for Giant Bomb (via VGC).

"Star Wars Jedi 2 is going to be new-gen only, where it’s PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and then of course PC," Grubb remarked. "One of the reasons that they’re going to be able to do that is because it’s not coming out until 2023. This game is for sure now not coming out until 2023."

Grubb adds that Respawn not having to “straddle” console generation lines should work to the game's advantage, while ensuring that a broader audience may be in ownership of an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 by 2023. Apparently, Star Wars Jedi 2 had been targeting a 2022 launch.

“It makes it easier to just disassociate yourself with those millions of PS4s and Xbox Ones out in the world when you are in 2023 and you’re going to have several months of making it very easy to get an Xbox Series X, probably a few months before now and then when it’s actually okay to get a PS5,” he stated. “And then at the same time you can take advantage of it and do something that feels new.”

It's thought that Star Wars Jedi 2 could debut in some capacity during this year's Star Wars Celebration in May, while Respawn has another two Star Wars titles in the works for EA, including a first-person shooter headed up by Star Wars Battlefront and Medal of Honor veteran, Peter Hirschmann.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is currently playable on PlayStation 5, having received an upgrade last June.

  • Very nice, we should have more 'new gen' only games.
  • I can't wait. The first one was an absolute blast and I can't wait to see what they can do with the new hardware. Kind if crazy that it's news that a game will be exclusive to the new generation of consoles two years after the console launched.

    As for the name, I kind if assumed "Star Wars Jedi" was always going to be the name of the series, and then each game would have a different suffix.
  • Ha -- I'll believe that when I see it. This 100% depends on the adoption levels of PS5s, which are abysmal because they are still a huge PITA to get.

    How many times have we seen "next-gen" only games roll out PS4 versions?
  • Loved the first one, the only thing I hope is more party members/interactions but still a day one and delighted it's PS5 & X/S only.
  • Hopefully the combat can finally not feel clunky and sluggish if it’s 9th gen only (probably not, but I can dream)
  • Finally we get actual next gen games. I bought a ps5 two years ago and have hardly seen the benefit.
  • @JuggernautClone, Gameplay felt realistic, if you want more arcade feel just replay Force Unleashed.
  • Please let us quick travel, and no more narrow paths to hide loading screens, getting the platinum in the first game was extremely tedious for these two reasons
  • I don't get why people are happy that it will be PS5 gen only.
    PS4 is still a very capable console and the PS5 pretty much only offers better visuals. Being on the newest hardware has never resulted in better gameplay, story, or immersion.

    Since PS4 Pro developers finally added some options to the games, so there is little reason to not offer different version for older hardware. Especially if they most likely do so for PC anyway.
  • I still can't find any PS5 anywhere here in Canada.
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