All-New PlayStation Plus Service May/June Launch Dates Confirmed

All-New PlayStation Plus Service May/June Launch Dates Confirmed

Richard Walker

Sony has announced target launch dates for the upcoming new and revamped PlayStation Plus, which will be adopting a three-tier subscription structure, with Essential tier offering the same old PS Plus service, while Premium offers access to a library of 700+ PlayStation games and a selection of other benefits.

“We’re making fantastic progress with our launch efforts and I wanted to update you on the latest,” Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Jim Ryan writes in an update on the PS Blog. “We’re rolling out our new offering for PlayStation Plus a little earlier in select markets in Asia, followed by Japan.”

The all-new PlayStation Plus will be launching first in select Asian markets from 23rd May 2022, with Japan to swiftly follow just over a week later on 1st June. The Americas can then expect the service to roll out from 13th June, while Europe will be last on the schedule, with a target launch date of 22nd June 2022.

Cloud streaming will also expand to a total of 30 markets with the rollout of PlayStation Plus, with Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia among the territories where PlayStation Plus Premium and cloud streaming will be available.

“We’ve been working on this massive global effort to provide flexible options, quality games and greater value for our members for quite some time now – and we’re just a few weeks away from our first regional rollout,” Ryan added.

You can check out full details and pricing for the PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium Tiers in our previous post here. Four Syphon Filter games were also recently rated, hinting at their possible inclusion in the PS Plus Premium tier library. Here's hoping.

  • Nice, curious when they reveal the full library.
  • As I am from Slovenia it`s good to hear streaming is coming to my country after all.
    Now waiting to see that premium library.
    Interested on extra or premium.
  • Bummer Europe is getting it a month later but hopefully they have fixed potential issues and added more games by that time.
  • To each their own. That's why there are 3 tiers. Or you can still buy your games normally and play them without Plus. If it's not for you, don't buy it, but don't get in the way of those that do. For parents that also game as well as their kids, and for Trophy Hunters, this is CHEAPER than going than buying a bunch of games individually. I'm both and spent way too much, but with this, I can pay a low price for a tonne of games with trophies, and games I missed on, while keeping my kids busy as they tend to not stick to one game at a time.
  • Is there are viable reason for this staggered release? I guess to be focused if anything goes wrong ... but you should probably test this beforehand.
    Also quite a funny selection of countries to make streaming available to. I have no doubt some of them have overall better internet in terms of stability, speed and availability than some of the Western European countries and NA, but not exactly the ones you think off when it comes to stuff like this. :D
  • Honestly is not worth it for me for the other two tiers so will stick where I am.
    With that said, I do see a trophy hunter who buys everything probably saving money doing the full package route.
    I don't buy everything, most games aren't even worth more than $20 these days because of how buggy they launch or stay...
  • I don't think this service will be profitable for trophy hunters. Consider how long it takes you to platinum a regular game (not one of those 1/10 difficulty indies), then count how many games you'll be able to play/platinum in a month and multiply by 12. Then try to estimate how much it would cost you in a year to get those games through sales, ebay or bargain bins and you'll have a good idea of whether this service is worth it. You'll be surprised to realize that buying games individually is much cheaper. Considering that most trophy hunters have insane backlogs I don't see the point of adding a library of several hundred more to it.
  • @RRDude_PBB, Depends on how you look at it, if I look at my insane backlog I see so many games that I thought I bought very cheap at the time only to realize that by the time I actually play them they are even cheaper. If you go full Premium and never buy any other game I'm pretty it's more profitable. They said Spider-Man and Returnal will be on there too right, if I look online those games combined are already worth 1 year Premium.
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