Saints Row 'Ultimate Customisation' Trailer Showcases a Wealth of Options

Saints Row 'Ultimate Customisation' Trailer Showcases a Wealth of Options

Richard Walker

Volition has showcased Saints Row's extensive suite of customisation features in a new trailer today, as promised last week. Following a showcase hosted by Mica Burton, the latest video reveals the depth of the customisation you'll have at your disposal, from asymmetrical face options, to prosthetic limbs, and “zero restrictions” based on gender.

Pretty much anything you want is available via Saints Row's “unique and expansive” customisation options, so you can bring your bespoke 'Boss' to life, before customising your own weapons and vehicles, with a range of expanded options. “Ultimately, in Saints Row, player choice comes first,” the announcement blurb reads.

You can check out some of the customisation stuff coming to Saints Row in the new trailer below. Saints Row will be whisking you away to the city of Santo Ileso when it launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 23rd August. You can also give our Saints Row preview a read here.

  • meh. looks like they just copied gta 5 but in the s r engine. probably pick it up black friday for cheap
  • Wow, graphics are surprisingly mediocre.
  • I'll gladly pick this up when it's $15-20 in a matter of months post-release.
  • i wouldn't mind to pick it up on release, i like the game just like that. But, most games now cost 70 to 80 euro and most games need to patch for 3 months even horizon zero dawn is still patching sad that this happends more often then not.
  • I for 1 cant wait for this, it needed a fresh start thou i will miss Shauna and Johnny..
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