Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 'Coiled Captors' DLC Launches This Week

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 'Coiled Captors' DLC Launches This Week

Richard Walker

2K and developer Gearbox Software have announced that this week will see the release of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands first proper DLC, one of four planned for the game's Season Pass. Titled ‘Coiled Captors’, the content will take you through Vesper's Mirror of Mystery, with a new adventure in Dreamveil Overlook.

Here, you'll find enigmatic fortune teller Vesper, who will send you off on a quest to free an old god from his “fleshy prison”. You'll find “sharp-toothed, leathery-skinned" god with the body of a seawarg, imprisoned deep within an icy mountain, and only you have the power to liberate him.

Coiled Captors will include a new boss, the Old God named ‘Chums', who has four powerful forms that unlock over time. You can tackle the increasingly challenging boss again and again, and you'll also be able to scoop up new weapons, gear, and cosmetic items. Beating the boss will earn Lost Souls that you can exchange for a spin of Vesper's Wheel of Fate, and a chance to earn Legendary weapons, gear, and more.

The icing on the cake is new Chaos Chamber content, adding its levels and boss encounter to the replayable endgame dungeon. Coiled Captors will be available for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on 21st April, standalone, as part of the Season Pass, or with the Chaotic Great Edition of the game.

  • DLC not even a month after release, so content they cut out to sell seperately. Sad.
  • They had a trailer up for the entire season pass before the game even launched.
  • This looks like a lazy rehash of what's already in the game, just with a few tweaks. The whole concept of these DLCs, sounds like they will make the Plat far more irritating to get than it already is.
  • DLC already jeezus...others take their good one year time...
  • I got the Plat yesterday and will be looking forward to more content. This should have been in the game but then again there was a lot more than I originally anticipated. Should be fun.
  • Don't buy it. It takes less then 10 minutes to beat and is just a rehash of the chaos chambers.
    Borderlands 3 had free events that had more content and care put into them then this.
  • This DLC and Season Pass are an absolutely horrific waste of money, because each DLC only takes approx 1hr to finish and everything is just a lazy reskin of what's already in the game. To make things worse, the second trophy is time gated for 3 weeks but there's currently a glitch you can exploit to finish it now, by just playing offline without the latest Hot Fix installed.

    BL3's second Season Pass was dreadful but this one is many times worse and an even bigger waste of money so avoid it until it goes on a really deep sale for £5 or less.
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