The Quarry Looks Like a Spiritual Successor to Until Dawn in New Trailer, Coming This June

The Quarry Looks Like a Spiritual Successor to Until Dawn in New Trailer, Coming This June

Matt Lorrigan

2K and Supermassive Games have dropped the full reveal trailer for upcoming horror experience The Quarry, and it looks like the Until Dawn successor we've been waiting for.

The game takes place in the remote forests of upstate New York, and follows a group of teenage camp counsellors on their final night in Hackett's Quarry. Like previous Supermassive Games, all is not as it seems, and you'll have to take control of all nine characters and attempt to save them from a horrifying fate, making life-or-death decisions along the way.

The trailer is certainly spooky, although we don't yet have a good idea what the supernatural threat will be in this game. Or perhaps it's not supernatural at all? Whatever the case, this looks like it has the potential to be a return to form for the Until Dawn developer, in a way that The Dark Pictures Anthology didn't quite manage.

There's some big names involved as well, with Scream's David Arquette, Detective Pikachu's Justice Smith, and Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame all in the mix.

You can check out the full trailer down below. The Quarry is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 10th June 2022.

  • I seriously loved Until Dawn - one of my top 5 PS4 games.

    High hopes for this.
  • David Arquette looks like a hamster in this.
  • I hope this game is gonna be longer than the Dark Anthology games.
  • BDC36 - The director said 10 hours, and I hope that'll have many variations as Medan or Ashes, UD was a great experience, but without counting who or how many live or die, it lacked of variation in the rest of content.
  • @mc1992, Sorry but how did Until Dawn lack in variation but Medan didn't?
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