Dead Space Developer Live Stream Explores the Remake's Atmosphere and Audio, Confirms Early 2023 Release Window

Dead Space Developer Live Stream Explores the Remake's Atmosphere and Audio, Confirms Early 2023 Release Window

Matt Lorrigan

As promised last week, Motive Studios has broadcast another developer livestream, going into further details on EA's upcoming Dead Space remake, and this time around, the focus is on the game's audio.

Dead Space's audio was one of the most impressive parts of the game - creating an oppressive and stressful atmosphere, that always kept you on your toes. When it comes to music and ambience, the developer is aiming to stay true to the original, but enhancing it where it can, and bringing it up to the standard that players expect from modern games.

As explained in the livestream below, this includes a more 3D audio experience, with sounds realistically occluded and obstructed depending on what obstacles lie between the player and the audio source. The team has also focused on Isaac's breathing and heartbeat, one of the core things that helped create the atmosphere of the first game, and are aiming to make it more realistic, with Isaac's grunts now transitioning into his breathing, rather than playing at the same time. Isaac will also now gasp for air when coming out of a vacuum, and Motive has recorded three different readings for each voice line, depending on whether Isaac is normal, fatigued, or injured.

Finally, we also got our first real look at thee Dead Space remake in action in the Atmospheric Walkthrough, which you can check out in the bottom video. This offered up just over two minutes of unfinished gameplay footage, but it's fair to say that things are looking (and sounding) positive so far.

It's strangely refreshing to get such an in-depth look at a big, in-development game, and this livestream proved equally as interesting as last year's early development stream, which offered up a look at the new Zero-G system and enemy skin peeling. 

In final Dead Space news, developer Motive confirmed that the Dead Space remake will be launching in early 2023, as reported on last week. The game was reportedly previously being planned to release around Halloween 2022.

  • The plasmacutter. One of gamings best weapons. I love this thing so fricking much.
  • Can't wait for the many goosbumbs when you about to start this game.
  • Love how detailed it is and how serious they take it! Having a voice actor for Isaac is already enough incentive to get this game for me, the rest is bonus.
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