Dead Space Remake Developer Livestream Will Show Off More of the Game This Week

Dead Space Remake Developer Livestream Will Show Off More of the Game This Week

Matt Lorrigan

EA Motive has announced that a new developer livestream for the upcoming Dead Space remake will be airing later this week.

The Dead Space remake was first announced during EA Play Live last year, and we got an unusual but surprisingly cool look at the early development of the game just over a month later in the first developer livestream. This showed off a new dynamic skin-peeling system for the necromorph enemies, as well as reworked zero-g environments. This new livestream appears to be focusing on one of the original Dead Space's most impressive elements - sound design.

We don't know all that much more about the Dead Space remake at the moment, although EA Motive has said that it could include cut content from the original game. We also don't currently have a release window, but a report from last year said that the team were targeting a Halloween 2022 launch.

The Dead Space developer livestream will be going live on YouTube at 18:00 GMT / 10:00 PT on Friday 11th March 2022. You can find the link down below.

  • Really looking forward for this game. Loved the whole series yes even part 3. Hope they redo all 3 games. The Callisto Protocol and Negitive Atmosphere will be day one buys for me.
  • @wavecommander, hadn't heard of Negative Atmosphere until I read your comment, thank you. I'm also very hyped for this remake!
  • Nice, looking forward to this as well. But feel that they announced it too early.
  • @wavecommander - echoing Peachy here, hadn't heard about it until your comment, cool to see an indie dev trying to recreate something like Dead Space that they clearly love!
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