Street Fighter 6 Announced With a Teaser Trailer, No Platforms Confirmed As Yet

Street Fighter 6 Announced With a Teaser Trailer, No Platforms Confirmed As Yet

Richard Walker

Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter 6, as suspected upon launching its teaser countdown website last week. And, as promised, final Street Fighter V character, Luke, will seemingly play a key part, fetauring alongside Ryu in the teaser.

“Street Fighter 6, the next evolution of the renowned Street Fighter series which has sold more than 47 million units since it charged onto the scene 35 years ago, is now in development,” Capcom's announcement blurb reads. And that's about it terms of any kind of detail.

The teaser trailer, meanwhile, shows SF newcomer Luke going up against Ryu, but stops short of confirming which platforms Street Fighter 6 will actually be coming to. However, Capcom does confirm that “more news” on the game will be dropping in summer 2022. We'll know more then, but you can probably bank on SF 6 coming to PlayStation.

  • Funny cool looking teaser but why Luke?
  • I assume it's because Luke was introduced to players as an important character for the future of SF (probably only meaning he'll be the protag of SF6). So Capcom wanted to feature him in SF6 promotional/marketing/trailers from the get-go to establish that. It makes sense despite Luke's, well, lukewarm reaction from fans (I like him, though).

    We knew he was going to be included, same with Ryu, so may as well get their reveals out the way so it's mostly surprises from here on out besides Chun and Ken who will almost certainly be included.
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