Horizon Forbidden West Goes Gold & Shows Off PS4 Pro Gameplay

Horizon Forbidden West Goes Gold & Shows Off PS4 Pro Gameplay

Matt Lorrigan

Horizon Forbidden West has official gone gold, Guerrilla Games has announced, meaning its now ready to be printed to disc and shipped ahead of next month's launch.

Alongside the announcement of the game going gold, Guerrilla has released a few clips of the game in action, running on the PlayStation 4 Pro for the first time. All footage of the game that we've seen until now has been captured on PS5, but the PS4 Pro footage shows that the last generation refresh still has some life in it. You can see the game running on PS4 Pro on the PlayStation Blog here.

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the team for what we have achieved together and the community for their continued support and excitement as we’re preparing for launch,” said Guerrilla studio director Angie Smets.

“Whether you will be playing on your PS4 or PS5 console, our team has made sure you get to enjoy the best experience on each platform. We can’t wait for you all to head to the Forbidden West on February 18.”

We've previously been offered a look at Horizon Forbidden West running on the base PlayStation 4 too, although only in a few screenshots. In terms of PS5 footage, however, we've had loads, with videos looking at the game's new enemies, its new tribes, and new story.

Horizon Forbidden West is launching on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 18th February 2022.

  • Nice, no more delays.
  • I hope any news of expansions would be announced early. I want to stack this along side HZD in the trophy cabinet. This should be great fun!
  • I honestly don't see the point of playing this on PS4.
  • Maybe if all someone is a ps4
  • Interesting how they don’t want to show moving footage of this game on base PS4. This’ll either be an interesting train wreck to watch on that console, or a hidden technical phenomenon
  • Well i am sure the ps4 standard version be fine, looking at how the 1st game ran

    Might need some radio towers though for all them airplane fans though lol
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