PlayStation Will Reportedly Get the Next Three Call of Duty Games, Including Warzone 2

PlayStation Will Reportedly Get the Next Three Call of Duty Games, Including Warzone 2

Matt Lorrigan

Microsoft will release the next three Call of Duty games on PlayStation consoles following its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Microsoft's shocking $68 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard was announced last week, and immediately prompted a lot of discussion over what this meant for the future of the publisher's titles on PlayStation consoles. Specifically, questions were asked about Call of Duty, given that it is one of the most popular video game franchises on the planet. Xbox boss Phil Spencer vocalised a “desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation” last week, but Bloomberg's report goes further, and  suggests that PlayStation users will at least be getting the next three Call of Duty games.

These three titles are reported to be Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare reboot, which is due to launch later this year; a new game from Black Ops developer Treyarch; and a standalone sequel to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Microsoft is reportedly committed to releasing these three titles on PlayStation consoles over the next two years, by which time the acquisition is expected to have gone through, and Microsoft can decide whether to continue to release future titles on PlayStation. Bloomberg also reiterates a previous report, saying that Activision is considering ditching Call of Duty's annual release schedule following the merger.

  • That a shame, still more garbage on ps then
  • Oh no, no more cash and grab COD games, what ever will we do with our playstations once they are no more!
  • Jeez, someone might think you two are forced to buy these games.
    And calling CoD garbage and cash grab when the store is littered with trophy trash like ZJ Ball Challenge, Spear of Destiny, Life of Black Tiger and whatnot ...
  • Well it is garbage C1ned1ne. But hey, garbage attracts more garbage. So enjoy your last few games (hopefully)
  • @stuntly Yo quit taking this shit so personally. Did CoD steal your girlfriend/boyfriend or something?
  • @c1ned1ne not sure if you got the sarcasm on comment 2 or not.
  • Lol juggernaut i ain't, but knowing your past you have, but hey that your issue. I though perfect answer for that perfect person (smile ding)
  • Still have to play Cold War and Vanguard, so probably 5 more COD's and that's it knowing M$.
  • @gengarhaunting87:
    Nope. Given there is quite a alot of irrational hatred for this series it might just be genuine. Just like #1.

    Was this supposed to be an insult? I mean, what was this even supposed to mean? "Enjoy your last few games"? Like ... do you think my life loses all meaning when there is no CoD on PlayStation?
    And did you just admit that some random internet dude would have been capable of stealing your significant other from you? Was this also supposed to be an insult?
    From the last few days of comments from you, you seem to be overly angry about everything. Maybe try to find something to cheer you up?
    How about a nice video of kittens and puppies?
  • There's no way Microsoft will make COD exclusive knowing well that the PS4 has sold 116M units and counting while XBone sold only 50M... PS5 sold 15M vs 9.8M for the Xfridge... Xbots will surely get this on Game Pass which costs like £11pm, whereas COD games will be sold full price on the Playstation.

    I don't see why Microsoft spending nearly $70B would go ego-tripping and make COD MSBox exclusive. It wouldn't make business sense. One way or another MS has got to get that big investment back. Bethesda has yet to return the $7.5B investment.

    For so long XBone has been bleeding Microsoft dry with no results. This Activision acquisition doesn't hurt Playstation... not one bit when Sony's got the best exclusive IPs in the market. I've been reading about PC players who has played HZD now want to play HFW and couldn't wait that long for the port to reach PC... It's the other way around - Playstation lures new players into the fold.
  • @Naps, Alot of people said the same about The Elder Scrolls and that's gonna be an Xbox exclusive too.
  • But I think there's more COD players than Elder Scrolls? That Game Pass of theirs has got to make some money - it's functioning at a loss the last time heard. Running on fumes won't take them far.

    As for PSSpartacus, I'm not keeping my hopes high that this will be like XBone's Game Pass - more like how it was announced - A PSNow + PSPlus hybrid with PS1/PS2 backwards compatible back catalogue.

    If for some big miracle that Sony was able to make PS3 backwards compatibility work with the disc games, then surely Playstation has gotten itself a winner.
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