All PS4 Trophy Lists Were Briefly Listed as PS3, Prompting Back Compat Speculation

All PS4 Trophy Lists Were Briefly Listed as PS3, Prompting Back Compat Speculation

Matt Lorrigan

A brief PlayStation trophy glitch last night saw all PlayStation 4 trophy lists mistakenly listed as PlayStation 3.

As spotted by several users on Reddit, all trophy lists for PlayStation 4 games became completely blank for a brief period of time, with no image, no title, and 0% completion progress listed. Understandably, this caused a bit of panic among trophy hunters, with many thinking that years of progress had been lost.

Luckily, this glitch only lasted for an hour or two, with PlayStation 4 trophy lists now appearing correctly. However, there was one more interesting detail - the fact that all of the PS4 lists had mistakenly been labelled as PS3.

This could be nothing, of course, since we don't know exactly what caused the glitch. Many users were speculating, however, that this was caused by Sony testing an upcoming backwards compatibility update. Last month, Bloomberg reported that Sony could be launching its own Xbox Game Pass competitor, codenamed “Sparticus”, and would include PlayStation 3 titles as part of the subscription. This report was recently backed up by the news that retailers are removing PlayStation Now subscriptions from sale, ahead of the launch of the new subscription service.

Regardless of whether this glitch was a sign of things to come, if you were one of the players who saw that all of their PlayStation 4 trophies were gone, you can rest assured that everything should now be back to normal.

  • Glad I didn't see this glitch, I would've had a heart attack XD
  • Avengers end of all games sony gets infinity gauntlet and makes everyones trophies vanish
  • It seems like every time we get pumped for backwards compatibility we get let down. I’m not getting hyped unless it’s announced. Kind of like the bloodborne sequel and remaster. I’m tired of being hurt.
  • I don’t get how someone would come to the conclusion that this means games will become backwards compatible. If that was the case, ps3 games would become playable on ps4 and thus ps3 games would be marked as ps4 games as well. Not the other way around like this article mentions, right?
  • I just want to play MvC2 on my current gen hardware.
  • I wish Sony would just come out and either confirm or deny the backward compatibility! The speculation is just painful and after all the commotion at Xbox, some positive news would be really welcome!
  • PS3 is probably just the fallback for null-value read-outs. When the system launched there was nothing else and with Vita and later PS4 you most likely have a field for what systems the list if for and instead of going through and retro-actively set it to PS3 for everything and doing so for every new entry until everyone has caught on, you simply implement a fallback in the display code.
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