PlayStation Could Still Get 'Some' Activision Games Following Xbox Acquisition, Report Suggests

PlayStation Could Still Get 'Some' Activision Games Following Xbox Acquisition, Report Suggests

Richard Walker

In light of today's bombshell announcement that Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard for almost $70 billion, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has suggested that “some” games could still come to PlayStation following the merger. That's according to a report from Bloomberg, citing a source “familiar with the company's thinking”.

Spencer himself has also commented on the status of Activision Blizzard releases for PlayStation platforms, stating: “I’ll just say to players out there who are playing Activision Blizzard games on Sony’s platform: It’s not our intent to pull communities away from that platform and we remained committed to that.”

However, it's worth noting that Xbox made similar comments regarding Bethesda games upon acquiring parent company Zenimax Media in September 2020. Since then, Microsoft has confirmed that the likes of Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI will be Xbox and Windows PC exclusives.

It's entirely possible that Call of Duty (for example) could remain on PlayStation for the time being, but it's not inconceivable that it might one day become an Xbox exclusive franchise, now that Microsoft owns Activision Blizzard. Essentially, we'll just have to wait and see.

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  • What games would that be? Most of the active franchises are Blizzard's and more geared towards PC anyway. (Although they did a fine job with Dialbo 3 IMO.) Candy Crush is purely mobile AFAIK. Else you are left with CoD and taking that away from the other console is something I can't see happening. It's just too big. If you are about shooters XBox already has Halo and Gears as exclusives to influence your choice of platform.
    I can see them as vehicle to drive GamePass sales, but not platforms.
  • IMHO the best option now is PC anyway with Sony slowly releasing their games on there, PS Now being supported and MS' GamePass and EA Play being available. At least from an "exclusivity war" point-of-view.
  • EA should capitalize on Battlefield now likely to become the premier multiplatform FPS if CoD gets stripped away.
  • @c1ned1ne just a reminder that they also own Crash, Spyro and the Tony Hawk IPs, three of the biggest games from the original PlayStation that helped it become the brand it is today. Sad times really, since it's obvious what they mean when they say "PlayStatation will get SOME games" is; "They'll get games that are already in development for them, but then everything else will be exclusive", just how it went with Bethesda.
  • I highly doubt it, if they're making Elder Scrolls exclusive I don't see why they wouldn't COD.
  • @jbrist:
    They're not doing much with these IPs, though. They also own Skylanders, Guitar Hero, Prototype, and Cabela. And a whole wealth of IPs many younger gamers never even heard of outside of documentaries like Pitfall, Zork and most of the old Sierra IPs. As one of the biggest gaming companies, their back catalogue is nothing short of impressive and full of classics and all-time favourites of many players.
    But as with so many companies it's just a monument to former glory.
    I know many people who would immediately throw their wallets at the screen at the announcement of a SWAT 5.
  • If Sony isn't careful they're going to find themselves on the ropes for years to come. All these MS acquisitions are starting to add up and once the games start to roll out...
  • Phil is just saying that because he legally can’t say that Activision-Blizzard games are exclusive until the acquisition is fully finished, same deal as when they announced they were gonna buy Bethesda.
  • While CoD *might* be too big to make exclusive like Minecraft, I don't think anything is off the table for losing its multiplatform status.
  • Please please Microsoft, buy Ratailaika and make them exclusive to XBox! In any case Japanese studios would still supply the Playstation with great games. As if I am one who would buy any Activision release in a whim. Can't remember buying anything from Activision in a long time, it was only COD from them and the last purchase was Black Ops III.

    I would be gutted if Microsoft bought Square Enix, though I would doubt that will ever happen. Whatever happens I would rather retire from gaming if for some reason the Playstation ends. Not going to XBone even if Phil gives me free consoles... not even thinking of touching that thing.
  • 'Xbox boss Phil Spencer has suggested that “some” games could still come to PlayStation following the merger', in other words only the announced stuff then all xbox only
  • I'd dislike Microsoft less if they just honest. "We're going to be restricting your console of choice for flagship titles - but we don't intend to pull the community away from a platform"
  • (If I can edit posts, I'm an idiot but can't see any option to)

    If there was no intent to pull away, they wouldn't be console exclusive. Kudos to Microsoft for the aggressive strategy though. I'll never part with cash for one of their consoles but it means others either change their preferred console or just buy a secondary console - gg, I guess.
  • Anyone complaining about Crash and Spyro hasn't been paying attention. Those series have been multiplats for decades. Gamecube and OG Xbox. Sure we grew up with Crash 1-3 on PS1, but they haven't been "Sony" in 2 decades.
  • CoD in my opinion will stay multi platform, at the very least the multiplayer portion of the game will anyway. I can see them making people sign into a Microsoft account to play it online though lol, just for the giggles because we know how much Sony loves that idea.
  • I think the plan is to simply pick PS developers off until all that’s left on PS is remasters and indies. Atrophy the fan base until everyone has an Xbox.
  • If I’m honest, it doesn’t bother me at all. I haven’t purchased an Activision game in ages.

    But providing Xbox keeps adding exclusives to gamepass as it is, and they remain there, this really isn’t a bad thing if you just want to play the games. (Playing with psn friends being the only real issue)

    if all I want to do is play the games. I’ve seen Series S consoles going for £150. So I buy one, get gamepass and play all of the games for cheaper than I would pay to get them on PS5..

    If everyone did that, Xbox would be in a bad position, they already admitted Gamepass makes them no money, it’s a way to entice people into their ecosystem. Just use gamepass for anything exclusive and don’t buy any games on xbox.
  • Lets hope we will still get a new Tony Hawk and Crash.
  • Microsoft buys devs here and there - Playstation lost Ninja Theory's Senua... Bethesda new IPs... and yet the Playstation 4 and 5 still outsells the XBoner... Marketed as the supposed powerful console and still got outsold... Xbone fanboys try to rally their camp with the Game Pass, still gets behind Playstation sales... even do dirty tactics like thar Rise of the Tomb Raider timed-exclusive stunt in the hope that TR fans would jump ship to Xbone, no results... So Sony Playstation must be doing something right - or Xbone's Phil has got things wrong about players...

    ... or it's probably just about teh difference of gaming culture from the camps. You would always see Shuhei Yoshida posting on twitter on him playing Xbones, Switches, PC handheld consoles and even goes out of the way to personally congratulate Phil Spencer on things... CAN ANYONE HERE show me any article where Phil does the same? That's CULTURE right there. This console war is being fueled from the top with Phil giving stupid interviews on how the Playstation and Nintendo are apparently no longer their competitors - when the Playstation and the Nintendo outsold the 'conceited box' many times over.

    When PS (lol Phil Spencer) opens his mouth, his rhetoric reminds me of that idiot who wouldn't accept the election results.
  • @Naps You can't really call out Microsoft over buying timed exclusivity of a game 5 years ago when Sony have done much more cases of it.

    FF7R, Forespoken, FF16 to name a few from just a single dev. If you want other devs too, then Crash trilogy remake, Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo, the list goes on.
  • The Timed-Exclusive that I've mentioned regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't simply about XBone getting it first for a year... It was the way THEY - XBone were sinister about it. Keeping Tomb Raider fans deliberately left in the dark whether if it's Xbox only release or as it later turned-out a timed exclusive - reason why when I mentioned this I included 'tactic' and 'stunt'...

    We can't blame Square Enix for not announcing this themselves as it was obvious that there was probably an agreement that they shouldn't/mustn't announce it on their end. As the saying goes - How can you argue with your banker?

    I personally have no problem with timed-exclusive as I am one who can wait. I wasn't even fazed by ROTTR going to XBone first and as we all know the game came to the Playstation polished and sold SRP with DLCs included where the XBoners had to pay for the added content and had to endure the bugs that plagued the game when it came out. I was LOLing when it finally came to PS and the timed right on TR's 20th Anniversary. This isn't the first time XBone and Crystal Dynamics had a collab-deal - TR: Underworld DLC is still a XBone exclusive.

    I'm not bitter about all these Microsoft acquistions, I can't care less for devs that I really am not buying a lot of games from. It's the dirty business practices and ethos that they have is what really makes me despise them more each time... DRM fiasco? Self-conceited Phil and his stupid slogans - compared to Playstation slogans which are very humble (gotta love the Japanese - bows with respect) and unconfrontational... then there's these dirty tactics I've mentioned... this is coming from a gamer who was quite happy that a new American-made console came out.

    As another saying goes - "Blessed are the meek and the humble for they shall inherit the earth." and that's the Playstation for you...
  • I hate to say it, but Sony isn't going to be around much longer if they keep letting Microsoft buy all the developers.
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