The Artful Escape Pops Up on the PlayStation Store, Listed as 'Coming Soon'

The Artful Escape Pops Up on the PlayStation Store, Listed as 'Coming Soon'

Matt Lorrigan

The Artful Escape, one of last year's most critically acclaimed indie titles, has appeared on the PlayStation Store ahead of an officially announcement.

The musical platformer originally launched on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and as yet there is no official announcement of a PlayStation release from publisher Annapurna. However, as spotted by Well Played, The Artful Escape is now included in the “Coming Soon” section of the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 5 console, for both PS4 and PS5. The game is available to follow and add to wishlist, and lists the release date as “coming soon”.

For those who aren't aware of the game, The Artful Escape tells the story of a young musician who is looking to step out of the shadow of his famous folk superstar Uncle, and play rock music instead. This journey takes him to a musical world, full of strange creatures and landscapes, and full of cosmic rock. 

You can check out the game's original launch trailer down below, as well as some of our screenshots of the game appearing on the PlayStation Store.

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