Final Fantasy 14 is Returning to the PlayStation Store Later this Month

Final Fantasy 14 is Returning to the PlayStation Store Later this Month

Matt Lorrigan

Final Fantasy XIV will be returning to digital sale on 25th January, director Naoki Yoshida has announced.

The hugely popular MMORPG was temporarily removed from sale back in December, due to server issues causing extremely lengthy queuing times for players following the launch of the Endwalker expansion. The amount of players attempting to log in and play at once managed to outstrip Square Enix's server capacity, and the game was removed from sale to stop people from buying the game without being able to play it as intended.

In a new blog post, Yoshida has outlined the expansion of multiple data centres around the world, including Japan, North America, Europe, in order to help resolve the problem. The biggest contributor to the game's return to the PS Store, however, is the opening of an Oceanian data centre, which has been planned for a while now, but will be opening two weeks early on 25th January 2022. Five new worlds will launched in the Oceania region, and Square Enix will be waiving the transfer fee for players in the region who transfer over.

“Once again, I wish to apologize for the delays to server expansion caused by the global semiconductor shortage,” said Yoshida in his final notes. “The necessity for communities to separate due to the regrouping of Worlds is another inconvenience that may prove unavoidable for some players, and we ask for your understanding as we work to alleviate this issue.”

“Work on bolstering the servers will continue well into 2023, expending a vast amount of financial resources and manpower, but we will do our utmost to ensure this endeavor has no negative impact on your ability to play, so we would appreciate your support while you continue on your adventures.”

  • FF 13 Please!
  • Would love to play it. But their stupid decission to only sell subscriptions via their own platform and not supporting sensible payment methods I don't see me doing so ever. Still stunned that Sony and Steam allow this.
  • @c1ned1ne Literally only PSN doesn't have a way to pay via it's wallet for the sub/cosmetic items, Steam users can pay for those things with their Steam Wallet, so it is most likely an issue on Sony's end, not SE's.
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