Hitman 3 Year Two is Adding a New 'Freelancer' Mode, a New Map, and Agent 47's Safehouse

Hitman 3 Year Two is Adding a New 'Freelancer' Mode, a New Map, and Agent 47's Safehouse

Matt Lorrigan

Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced its Year 2 plans for Hitman III, and there's plenty of new content to look forward to in 2022.

First up, we finally got a full reveal for the previously-teased Elusive Target Arcade. This new mode offers up new Arcade Contracts, which task players with taking down consecutive Elusive Targets, one after another. Each must be completed before you move onto the next one, and players who fail the Arcade Contract at any point will be locked out from attempting it again for twelve hours. This helps retain the high-stakes of Elusive Targets, but allows each Arcade Contract to remain a part of Hitman III permanently. The first three Arcade Contracts are launching on 20th January 2022.

The other new mode coming to Hitman III is Hitman Freelancer. Launching in Spring 2022, this new single-player mode introduces roguelike elements to the game, and also sees the addition of a new map - Agent 47's Safehouse. This new space can be customised to your liking, letting you choose what sort of Hitman to be, with more areas of the safehouse unlocked as you progress through the new mode.

From the Safehouse, players access the mission hub, where you can view any currently available Freelancer campaigns, each one “representing a criminal enterprise that is prominent across the World of Assassination”. Once you've picked a campaign, you choose the order in which you want to play the missions, returning to the safehouse to resupply and plan after each mission. The final location you pick will be where you confront the “Leader” of the criminal enterprise, and you complete the campaign by blowing their cover and eliminating them. Each campaign mission has been reworked slightly for Freelancer, with new NPC types, and suppliers offering up weapons and items. It's meant to be a “a persistent and infinitely replayable experience” and we'll be honest, it sounds great.

There also another new map coming to Hitman III that IO Interactive has teased, codenamed “Rocky”, which looks like its set on an island, and will be fully revealed later in Year 2. Oh, and IO Interactive also announced Hitman Trilogy, a compilation of all three games, launching on PS4 and PS5 next week.

The future looks bright for Hitman III, then, and you can check out the full details in the Hitman III - Year 2 Reveal Stream down below.

  • Woo f’n hoo. IOI delivering the goods.
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