GTA 6 Release Date Hinted at By Take-Two Financials

GTA 6 Release Date Hinted at By Take-Two Financials

Matt Lorrigan

Publisher Take-Two's recent financial forecast may have given us a hint for when to expect the release of GTA 6.

Despite GTA V releasing nearly nine years ago, there's been no news from developer Rockstar on the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6. However, as reported by Axios and VGC, some industry analysts now think they've got an idea of when the game will release. Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, recently acquired mobile developer Zynga in a deal worth nearly $13 billion, and in the process, released a new financial forecast.

In these numbers, Take-Two forecast an annual growth rate of 14% during 2024 - a number so high, that it would have to be driven by one of the company's biggest titles.

“There are only a handful of titles that can ... provide management with the confidence to put out such a strong guidance; we believe there is at least one Rockstar IP set to be released by [Financial Year] 2024,” said one analyst at Jefferies Group.

Doug Creutz, an analyst at Cowen Inc, crunched the numbers and worked out that Take-Two appears to be anticipating around $9 billion in gaming-related transactions, which he believes points to “a likely GTA 6 launch in FY24.”

This 2024 release window matches up with a report from industry insider Tom Henderson last year, which stated that Rockstar was aiming for a release in 2024 or 2025, and was backed up by Bloomberg report Jason Schreier. While we don't know any official details about GTA 6, an earlier report stated that the game would have a more moderately sized map, that would be updated over time.

In the meantime, GTA V continues to be one of the best selling games every single week in the UK, and recently passed a whopping 150 million units sold worldwide.

  • They finally ran out of shark cards?
  • Zynga of all acquisitions... why? LOL Are they going to integrate Farmville and MafiaWars on GTA6? And for $13B, what a waste if money!
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