PlayStation Game Pass Competitor Reports Heat Up as UK Retailers Stop Selling PS Now Subscriptions

PlayStation Game Pass Competitor Reports Heat Up as UK Retailers Stop Selling PS Now Subscriptions

Matt Lorrigan

UK video game retailer Game is pulling PlayStation Now cards from sale this week, according to a report from GamesBeat, seemingly backing up previous reports that Sony was planning to launch a new subscription service to rival Xbox Game Pass.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Sony was planning to merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a new service, codenamed ‘Spartacus’, with multiple tiers. The cheapest tier will work as PS Plus currently does, with three free games each month, while the second tier would wrap up PS Plus and PS Now together, offering players a selection of PS4 and PS5 titles. A third tier is also planned, which would add access to classic PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles.

“Stores have until the close of day Wednesday 19, January to remove all POS and ESD cards from all customer-facing areas and update their digital bays in line with this week’s upcoming commercial update,” reads a message sent by Game leadership to staff. GamesBeat also reports that US and Canadian retailers have also been pulling PlayStation Now cards from sale. 

“Globally, we are moving from PlayStation Now gift cards to focus on our current cash denomination PlayStation gift cards, which can be redeemed for PlayStation Now,” said an official statement from PlayStation.

With a new PlayStation State of Play presentation rumoured to be taking place in February, and the PlayStation Now cards being taken down this month, we could be getting the official word on this new service sooner rather than later.

  • Still rather 'own' my games, not digitally 'rent' them
  • I'm the same way but most indie games don't get a physical release so this is a good way to get to play them.
  • I tend to return my games if they're short or sell them later on anyway so this would be great for me. Although I doubt we will get it here in Australia. We don't have PlayStation Now available here after all.
  • Lol at people still wanting to "own" games. Do you also insist on "owning" films when over 20 movie streaming services exist? Don't be a caveman.
  • Very curious about the new potential offer. If it sucks I'll just stay with Plus.
  • @RRDude_PBB:
    I have 100s of DVDs and BluRays. I can watch whatever movie of them I like without needing to track it down to a streaming service if any of them even have it. I don't need a feasibile internet connection either. Most of them are digitalised, so I can even take them with me and watch in a hotel without having to pay the outrageous internet usage fees they charge here.
    And I can usually buy a couple of them for the monthly fee for just one streaming service that also eats my internet data plan they share with gaming and this stupid thing called work.
    Freaking caveman me is.
  • @c1ned1ne

    Don't mind RRDude_PBB. I don't visit the comments section frequently, but I can tell you this isn't the first time he's called people a "Caveman" for resisting corporation's push for subscriptions and recurring revenue. If he wants to subscribe to "20 movie streaming services", then let him get ripped off. People like you and I will always have access to our entertainment without having to jump through hoops.
  • @RRDude_PBB yeah, someone that wants the corporations to own everything while you yourself owns nothing, you indeed are a caveman to what is happening out there then if that clueless.

    Freedom is being taken by use of fear, learn to control your fear and remember; fear works both ways
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