PlatinumGames Gets a New CEO and President

PlatinumGames Gets a New CEO and President

Matt Lorrigan

PlatinumGames boss Kenichi Sato has announced that he will be stepping down as CEO and President of the Japanese game developer.

Sato first took on the role of president back in April 2016, and stayed in the role for over five years. He has now revealed that he resigned from his post at the end of last year, and will be replaced by Atsushi Inaba, who previously served as vice president of PlatinumGames.

“Currently I feel that PlatinumGames is ready to push forward towards more innovative forms of play, and so now is better a time than ever to hand the reigns to Inaba, who has led the initiative on building the company’s creative output for many years now,” said Sato on his departure.

The former president will continue to be involved with PlatinumGames in an advisory role.

“Starting this year, I have taken up the post of CEO and president of PlatinumGames,” said Inaba in a statement. “I find it an honour to be entrusted with this position, and hope to utilize this chance to create new kinds of games that reinforce the meaning that PlatinumGames stands for.”

In early 2020, Platinum announced Project G.G. as the developer's first self-published title, following an injection of capital from Chinese megacorporation Tencent.

  • Oh oh, he better not F this up with the classic game series they developed so far in terms of sequels or remakes.
  • Maybe he can make Bayonetta 2 and 3 come to Playstation.
  • @unger

    I'm with ya' on that, except I don't see Nintendo ever releasing the rights.
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