Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Picked Up By Firesprite Games, Bringing Over Lucid Games' Director

Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Picked Up By Firesprite Games, Bringing Over Lucid Games' Director

Richard Walker

Hot on the heels of rumours emerging yesterday, regarding the rumoured Twisted Metal reboot being reportedly taken from Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games and handed to another of Sony's first-party studios, it appears that Firesprite might be the new team working on the project.

Acquired by Sony back in September 2021, Firesprite is a Liverpool-based outfit comprised of former WipEout developers, whose previous projects include 2018's sci-fi roguelike, The Persistence. A new report from VGC notes that Firesprite is allegedly taking the reins from Lucid Games on the Twisted Metal reboot, with Lucid's director rumoured to be moving across to spearhead work on the game. 

A user on ResetEra notes that Motorstorm director Matt Southern has moved roughly 15 minutes down the road from Lucid to Firesprite, although it remains unclear why development on the rumoured Twisted Metal reboot has been shifted. Speculation suggests that it may be due to the lukewarm reception to Destruction AllStars on PS5. Meanwhile, Firesprite is also working in tandem with Guerrilla on PS VR 2 title, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Naturally, all of this remains firmly in the realms of rumour, as Sony still has yet to officially reveal its Twisted Metal reboot. However, with PlayStation Productions concocting a Twisted Metal TV series for 2023, the smart money is on the live-action show starring Anthony Mackie to drop at the same time as a new Twisted Metal game, presumably for PlayStation 5.

  • This is one of the games i skipped when it was released on PS3 and now the servers are pretty much dead so I'm ready for a PS5 new version game because it looked so damn fun.
  • @Aboelsas The servers have been shut down entirely, if I'm not mistaken. Shame, because I had fun playing it in the early days after it's release.
  • 2 was the best. I think from 4 onwards the vehicles moved way too fast
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