PlayStation 4 Production Restarted as PS5 Stock Issues Persist

PlayStation 4 Production Restarted as PS5 Stock Issues Persist

Richard Walker

Sony has decided to recommence production of PlayStation 4 consoles, amid continuing PS5 stock issues making it remarkably difficult to get hold of. Despite Sony believing in console generations, and only releasing games for a specific platform, previously PS5-only releases like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and Gran Turismo 7 are now also coming to PS4.

With shortages PS5 stock shortages expected to extend into 2023, it seems that being able to readily pick up a PS4 and play Sony's upcoming crop of first-party titles might be one of the only options available. As such, Sony will be reversing the discontinuation of PS4 and putting the console back into production “through this year”, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Roughly one million PS4 consoles are said to be hitting stores throughout 2022, available as a cheaper, easier-to-obtain alternative to the scarce PS5. Indeed, it might be the only way to play the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and Gran Turismo 7, if you've not been fortunate enough to secure a PlayStation 5.

Expect all PS5 titles to also be coming to PS4 for the foreseeable future, then.

  • I hope scalpers get F$%#'d, by people being smart enough to not pay that cost, for the shit that has transpired because of them.
  • This generation is seriously the worst launch ever.

    At launch and last year, there was very little incentive to get a new console at all, especially when it is a huge PITA to even acquire the next generation system, because the graphical improvements are not compelling in the same way the jump from other generations were (NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Gamecube; PS2 -> PS3 -> PS4; etc.).

    With this development, there will be ZERO incentive, if the same games are available for PS4.

    Restarting PS4 production and having it compete with the more expensive, scarce PS5 is a total desperation move by Sony, and will exacerbate the situation. It will be really funny if the PS4 outsells or even matches PS5 sales.
  • @ EmptyFibers ... I understand and empathize with your frustration with the scalping situation, but I think your anger is misdirected.

    Sony created the situation by launching being fully aware that there not anywhere remotely enough supply to meet demand. I'd wager that they wanted it this way, to make people crazy over it.

    This is called "scarcity marketing." It is a strategy to increase a product's perceived value by the public by constraining supply.

    As noted above, this generational jump offers the LEAST of any other in gaming history. The PS5 is just a PS4 with marginally shinier graphics, faster loading times, and new controller gimmicks.

    That said, I can see why scumbag strategists at Sony would be eager to increase the value of the launch in the public's eye via constraint of supply. Recall, even before the pandemic / supply chain issues, there was talk and rumblings of PS5 shortages and supply not meeting demand.

    They did this on purpose, the pandemic / supply chain issues made it worse, and they provide a fertile ground for scalpers to make livings off the situation. If Sony had not made scumbag business decisions, we would not be in this state. And likely they would not be ramping up PS4 production again ...
  • @ dreadnaught_ - I have no doubt Sony did some shady nonsense as well, seems to be a regular practice to find ways to be more greedy and add to a companies bottom line.

    I was lucky enough to nab one, at launch, regular price. But I have long hated scalping and such business behavior forever. Just makes the world a shittier place unfortunately.
  • The pandemic is to blame for this (I mean look at the card shortages on PC as well... impossible to get a new graphics card without paying scalpers on that end too). Tons quit their jobs and tons of empty spots. Warehouses are struggling as is to meet demand. Not sure I'd 100% blame Sony for this. Scalpers & only selling online is quite bad though, would get rid of scalping if they sold more in-stores.
  • And this is supposed to help ... how? Having a million more potential customers for sequels they haven't played the predecessor of? How many people are there who want to buy Horizon 2 or GoW 2 that do not have a PS4? Or sold theirs for a PS5 already? Or are even willing to buy a PS4 for full price still?
  • Holy shit... into 2023?? I was actually starting to think PS5s might be getting EASIER to find. Ive gotten my hands on several since launch. I got two in December alone.
  • Seems like a waste of resources
  • Darn it! Why does this happen when I want to join the PS faction? It seems unwise to get a PS4 now that there is PS5, but I absolutely don't want to wait for a whole year or more to start playing.
  • Will the new PS4 have a new design? or is it the same shitty-hard-to-open top covers? The worst PS4 design in the lot. I just don't understand why the PS4v2.0 was designed that way... so hard to clean the fan...
  • Meh, been able to get 2 ps5s quite easily
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