Forever Skies Announced For Console Release a First-Person Sci-Fi Survival Game From Former Dying Light Devs

Forever Skies Announced For Console Release, a First-Person Sci-Fi Survival Game From Former Dying Light Devs

Richard Walker

Far From Home, a studio comprising former Dying Light, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite, and Divinity: Original Sin devs, has announced Forever Skies. Originally announced under the codename ‘Project Oxygen’, the game will first come to Early Access on PC later this year, before heading to consoles.

A first-person sci-fi survival actioner set upon a desolate, destroyed Earth in the aftermath of an ecological disaster, Forever Skies will see you playing as a lone scientist returning to the planet, where the last remnants of humankind live above the toxic clouds. With the planet surface, rendered uninhabitable, you'll have to build, expand, and control a high-tech airship, which serves as your shelter, transport, lab, and workshop.

You'll scavenge for food and resources, explore ruins above the toxic atmosphere, craft, base build and plant crops, as well as engage in combat and scientific research. Ultimately, your virology research will lead you to a cure for the last few surviving humans.

Offering a single-player experience with co-op planned, Forever Skies will be coming to PC first, before heading to PlayStation and Xbox at a later date. Check out the Forever Skies teaser trailer below.

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