Dying Light 2s Latest Dying 2 Know Episode Talks Accessibility and UI

Dying Light 2's Latest 'Dying 2 Know' Episode Talks Accessibility and UI

Matt Lorrigan

Techland has dropped a new epsiode of Dying 2 Know More, this time talking to Agata Sykula, the UI Producer on Dying Light 2.

In the video, Sykula talks about how the UI design for a game like Dying Light 2 comes about, with thousands of hours of playtesting going into working out what players need and want in their game. This includes things like customisable HUD options, so that players from an action background and those from and RPG background can display different amounts of information, depending on their needs.

The Dying Light 2 developer also talks about how important player and fan feedback is when creating the game, saying that Techland will continue to listen to the millions of players who pick up the game after release, tweaking the player experience and UI after launch.

Finally, Sykula explains that accessibility is important in Dying Light 2, with options like subtitle sizes, background colour, and use of speaker names. There will also be the option to hold buttons rather than tap them for the game's QTEs, as well as colour blind settings. There will even be a special controller profile for left-handed players.

You can check out the interview in the top video, as well as a special Dying Light 2 Holiday message from Techland in the bottom video.

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