Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer Looks at the Level of Tangible Realism Achieved on PS5

Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer Looks at the Level of 'Tangible' Realism Achieved on PS5

Richard Walker

“The power of the PS5 gives us, for the first time, something we've been striving for throughout the Gran Turismo series,” says Polyphony Digital head honcho Kazunori Yamauchi in the latest behind the scenes video for Gran Turismo 7. Can you guess what it is?

“I personally feel that we've finally achieved a level of realism that's kind of tangible,” Yamauchi adds. This goes beyond the visual on PS5, with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers providing an added layer of immersion, be it in the “feel” of the brakes, for instance, and various braking phenomena.

Ray tracing, 4K resolution, 60fps, and HDR also enhances the level of realism that developer Polyphony is striving for, according to Yamauchi. meaning that Gran Turismo 7 attains “the kind of natural feeling” that the studio has “been trying to achieve in Gran Turismo from the start”.

Yamauchi finds it all “pretty moving”. You'll be able to find out whether you're similarly moved when Gran Turismo 7 comes to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 4th March 2022. Give the latest trailer a watch below, and take a look at a full lap on the classic Deep Forest Raceway circuit here.

  • All time favorite game, but when can we expect to have realistic damage included? Iteration #7, hmmmm, will I be able to crash, hit, run into things and hardly suffer damage per usual. It would be delightful to have that realism!
  • Certain car manufacturers (I can't remember which) don't want their vehicles shown with any damage on them. Therefore no cars can show damage because it would look ridiculous if some were busted up while others remained pristine.

    Yet another case of a select few crybabies out there ruining it for all the rest of us level headed people.
  • @Raggle. Thanks for responding! It's frustrating how the GT series doesn't have damage but certainly not a deal-breaker. I get more frustrated by people complaining with each iteration requesting damage when it just isn't coming....
  • @thedarkness91 People always complain. No game is perfect. People just see how every other game has car damage and think if Gran Turismo wants to be realistic, they should too. But yes I remember years ago reading that Ferrari is strict with their cars in video games. They do not want damage done to them (same with the most expensive ones in real life... you wreck a expensive ferrari, they won't allow you to buy another). Porsche may be the say way. It took so long before Porsche was technically in GT games. Ruf not included.
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