Sniper Elite 5 Revealed for 2022 Launch On PS5 and PS4, With Enhanced, Grislier X-Ray Killcam

Sniper Elite 5 Revealed for 2022 Launch On PS5 and PS4, With Enhanced, Grislier X-Ray Killcam

Richard Walker

Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite will be returning next year with Sniper Elite 5, the latest entry in the World War II shooter series. Protagonist Karl Fairburne will be back, travelling to France in 1944 to destroy the Nazi's latest nefarious secret plan, Operation Kraken.

Working with the French Resistance, Fairburne forms part of a covert US Rangers operation to weaken the Atlantikwall fortifications along the coast of Brittany, which will involve dispatching high-ranking Nazi officers to put a stop to Operation Kraken for good. During your mission, you'll visit authentic real-world locations across France, with Rebellion promising “the largest and most immersive” environments yet.

A new traversal system will offer a wider selection of sandbox options (like ziplines, sliding, and ledge shimmying) for taking out targets, and enhanced co-op will make sniping with a friend even better. New customisation options, upgraded ballistics, and an enhanced kill cam flesh out the new features, while a PvP Invasion mode will enable you to invade other players' campaigns as an Axis sniper, for "a deadly game of cat and mouse”.

Adversarial multiplayer will offer competitive 16-player battles, while Survival mode will enable four players to band together to fight back waves of enemies. As for that enhanced kill cam, you can expect “more realistic and grisly” X-ray kill shots, with bones deflecting bullets to carve a path through bodies, and SMGs and pistols getting their own kill cams, including multiple slow-mo shots.

Sniper Elite 5 will be launching for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in 2022, also available day one for Xbox Game Pass. Check out the Sniper Elite 5 reveal trailer, with all in-game footage, below. While you're waiting for Sniper Elite 5 in 2022, you can play the enhanced version of Sniper Elite 4 for PlayStation 5.

  • Nice! Glad to see another installment!
  • Hmm looks like a copy of Elit 4, which was a copy of Elite 3. Not essentially bad, liked both of those games
  • @Unger
    It's a winning and much revered formula of gaming that has become waaaaay too rare. I for one will be all over this because they structure SE titles so it's YOU against the game/nazis rather than you vs some spotty 12 yr old online gamer or hacker with a 100 mods in play so he can win at all costs! The 16 player competitive battle mode is cause for concern... if you want to plat the game but all in all, SE titles deliver and thrive on what we grew up on and used to love: me vs game.
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