Saints Row Gameplay Trailer Showcases Explosive Chaos, Wingsuits, Crotch-Kicking, and Tanks

Saints Row Gameplay Trailer Showcases Explosive Chaos, Wingsuits, Crotch-Kicking, and Tanks

Richard Walker

Deep Silver and Volition have released a new Saints Row gameplay trailer, showcasing just a sliver of the explosive action you can expect as the Saints begin their rise to ‘Saints-dom’. There's wingsuit gliding, crotch kicking, and tanks.

A quick peek at the game's in-depth character customisation also features in the new video, including some of the outfits you can deck yourself out in, the vehicles you can mess about with, and the over-the-top weapons you can wield.

You can even steal vehicles with a helicopter tether, if you like. The city of Santo Ileso will be your oyster when Saints Row launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One,and PC on 23rd August 2022.

You can check out our Saints Row preview here.

  • That's not exactly what I'd call a gameplay trailer. So there is driving and shooting in the game. What a surprise.

    So ... what about the music? :P
  • DLC for old Saints Row characters like what they did in Agents of Mayhem for both main character skins and/or recruitable NPCs... Gat, Kinzie, Shaundi, DeWynter twins etc... might convince me to try this game on Day 1...
  • @c1ned1ne, Well it's actually fitting to the theme of the game here, so I won't cut off my ears
  • The new cast aren't as cool as Johnny gat, Shaundy and the rest of the classic Saints members.
  • @stratos2501:
    Meh, wait for the game. Most characters had two games worth of actual interaction with them. Shaundy especially who we have seen evolving from a stoned damsel-in-distress to a futuristic killing machine. With Gat we seen him lose the love of his live, thought him gone for a whole game (umh spoiler? x) and have even gone through literal hell with him. So of course we are tad more attached to them than to the new kids on the block.
    Come on, be a real Boss. We even gave Matt Miller a chance. :D
  • Jeezus christmas, this trailer has more cuts and edits than Liam Neeson's (Bryan Mills) infamous fence jump from Taken.
  • Still not going to hate on it till I have actually given it a chance. People honestly be like: Give us new stuff; everything is just like everything else; wheres the creativity you brag about. *Companies try new stuff.* The new stuff sucks worse than the old stuff; go back to what you were doing before. Why do you even make games? Personally, I like when companies try new things even if they bomb because they can inspire other studies to do something that actually works. If this isn't that great when it comes out then maybe it will impact some else so that it is.
  • I wished Gates out of hell was longer. Getting those wings was so much fun. Imagine Saints Row combined with Dead Rising.
  • As long as the game series stays woke, I am withholding my money. The whole point of Saint’s Row was to parody the politically correct world, not join it.
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