The Last of Us HBO TV Show Adds Parks and Rec Star Nick Offerman to the Cast as Bill

The Last of Us HBO TV Show Adds Parks and Rec Star Nick Offerman to the Cast as Bill

Richard Walker

HBO's The Last of Us TV show has added another key character to its cast, recruiting Parks and Recreation, Devs, and Fargo (the TV series) star Nick Offerman as Bill.

Outed by Variety as the latest member of the cast, which includes Pedro Pascal (Narcos, The Mandalorian) as Joel and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) as Ellie, Naughty Dog later confirmed that Offerman will indeed be portraying Bill in the TV adaptation.

Apparently, Offerman's Bill will appear alongside Australian actor Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus), who will reportedly be playing his partner Frank. Offerman was brought on board to replace Chernobyl actor Con O'Neill, who, according to the report, had to leave the role due to scheduling conflicts.

Merle Dandridge had been confirmed earlier this year to be reprising her role as Marlene, the same performance she gave in the game, while young Russian director Kantemir Balagov will be helming the pilot episode of HBO's The Last of Us TV series. A date for The Last of Us has yet to be announced, but you can look at the first image, shared back in September, here.

  • This is the first character that doesn't seem like a miscast
  • This show is going to be total woke garbage.
  • Just let us see a trailer already!
  • Meh tlou overrated
  • We also thought Henry Cavill doesnt fit for Geralt, but we got a lesson with that cast. Witcher is/was incredible.
  • I actually think the casting for this show hasn’t been too bad. Pablo and Bella were pretty good, not perfect, but I’m sure the makeup dept can work some magic.

    You gotta work with what you got.. casting can be tough if there’s nobody who fits the role, or those who do, don’t want to take the role.

    But hey…. It’s not like Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg were cast as Nate and Sul…. Oh for f*ck sake.
  • Sacrophagus who didnt think he would fit - pretty obvious fit as he loves the witcher and forced his agent to get the role at any cost
  • @2: Another one who still use buzzwords like SJWS and woke like it still 2016.
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