December's PS Plus Games are Mortal Shell, Godfall, and LEGO DC Super-Villains

December's PS Plus Games are Mortal Shell, Godfall, and LEGO DC Super-Villains

Matt Lorrigan

Sony waited a little longer than usual this month, but it has finally officially announced December's PS Plus games, and there's a rather interesting selection on offer.

This month's PlayStation 5 game is Godfall: Challenger Edition, a new version of the looter-slasher that's best known for being one of the PlayStation 5's launch titles. Now available across both PS4 and PS5, Godfall: Challenger Edition focuses on three bits of endgame level content: Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower of Trials. Players will have immediate access to a bunch of weapons and skills to take into co-op, but in order to access the full Godfall and Fire & Darkness campaigns, players will have to upgrade from the Challenger Edition to the Deluxe Edition. It almost sounds like a demo, which is a bit strange for PS Plus? Ah well, you can find the full details over on the PlayStation Blog here.

Our second title is Mortal Shell, a much easier recommendation that provides a well-polished action-RPG experience that's heavily influenced by Dark Souls. And then our final game is LEGO DC Super-Villains, another fun LEGO romp from 2018 that puts the comic book villains in the spotlight. Oh, and the three bonus PS VR games from November are still available to add to your library this month as well.

All three titles will be available to add to your library from 7th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022. And make sure you grab November's PlayStation Plus titles before they expire on 6th December 2021.

  • Seems like an OK selection. I bought Villains in the summer, it’s great. Heard good things about Godfall
  • titles are ok, but a demo instead of a full game? that's just flat out greedy if you ask me.
  • So can I get the full trophy list with this Godfall edition?
    Also what is it now? I've read something between a simple action game and a souls-lite.

    Else a bit disappointed for the December release, but not there was worse.
  • How would you like a demo of the end of the game? We hope you buy the full version now! What a weird strategy for Godfall and it’s not going over well. Something like this would be better left on the store as a free download rather than part of the Plus lineup.
  • “Oh hello down there, sorry, I didn’t see you from all the way up here.

    How are you liking your PS5?

    As a thank you for supporting us, and keeping me in a job. We would like to reward you with a £/$10 markup on our games.

    If that wasn’t enough, your PS+ games will soon become just demo’s. Like the ones you get free on other formats. But now you pay for them.

    Keep a look out for future rewards for your support, like blocking access to your digital library on consoles we no longer care about.

    We thank you for all the money, love Jim”
  • Godfall is strange indeed, but at least we can try it out. Very happy about Lego DC
  • Isn't Godfall that PS5-game that nobody played, so they rushed out a PS4-version and still nobody cares? I look forward to not playing the demo. Mortal Shell is nice, always had an itch to try it, but not enough to pay. Lego … not my thing, but people like'em a lot, so that's great.
  • godfall is a pretty game with lots of gold coloring. it's really easy though and get repetitive.... like destiny and all the online only games.... I enjoyed it as my first ps5 only game. never played the other two games listed. Lego games are usually ok but it'll be a backlog game for a long time I'm sure. mortal shell always looked interesting.
  • I find it funny that people think Godfall is the worst that they have done with PS+ so far. :D

    - Starhawks back then was Single Player only
    - Driveclub was multiplayer only
    - Arabian countries never got their replacement for NBA2Kwhatever (which had one MP mode only available for another 30 days or so)
    - several MP only games closed servers rather soon

    IIRC one of the CoD games was SP only, too, but I think that was part of the "Stay at home" campaign.
    Anyway, not the first time to get shafted, won't be tha last.
  • Oh, and there was the case of History: Legends of War - Patton for Vita which was intended to be the inferior PSP version first, but they eventually turned that around because of the backlash. Might happen as well. It's almost christmas, so you can hope for wonder ... right?
  • I’ve been waiting for mortal shell to go on sale. Got the dlc when it dropped for free. And the dlc for Lego is on sale. I’ll get these. Very pleased with this months plus!
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