PS5 Finally Gets BBC iPlayer

PS5 Finally Gets BBC iPlayer

Matt Lorrigan

Over a year on from the launch of the PlayStation 5, the BBC has finally launched the BBC iPlayer app on Sony's new console.

The PS5 launched with other streaming services like Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube, and has the likes of NOW TV and Prime Video, too. But for us Brits, the absence of BBC iPlayer has been a tad annoying, especially for anyone that uses their PlayStation console as their one stop shop for streaming services.

Now, BBC iPlayer is available to download from the PlayStation Store on PS5, and sits with the other streaming services in the console's media tab.

“We’re always working to make iPlayer available across as many platforms as we can, and we’re delighted to add the PS5 to the 15,000+ devices where BBC iPlayer is already available,” said iPlayer boss Neil Hall.

“From today, PS5 owners can add the BBC iPlayer app by going to the Media tab on the PS5 home screen and selecting BBC iPlayer from the All Apps section. This will add BBC iPlayer to the apps library and make it available to use direct from the PlayStation home screen.”

It's good to have iPlayer back where it belongs on PlayStation. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna be watching a load of David Attenborough documentaries in glorious 4K through the PS5. 

  • Didn't even know the BBC had a streaming service. Let's hope they won't launch world wide, there are already too many
  • @unger that is the weirdest comment ever
  • Netflix and Disney Plus bumped off iPlayer on our consoles... I only watch iPlayer when Sir David Attenborough has a new series... the new Top Gear is kinda boring and Formula One has been long gone from the BBC since moving to Sky Sports... I don't know why I'm still paying TV License for a service I'm not even using. Been a while since we've watch terrestrial telly - BBC Breakfast every AM and that's it...
  • No thanks no big black clocks on my ps5
  • If it includes all BBC programmes that's actually a streaming app I'd like to pay for. Really grown to like the (comedy) panel shows over there as non-English. Puts most of our public money financed with a budget four times their size too shame.
    Or I could wait for the Dave streaming app in ten years for the same shows. :D
  • *publically financed broadcasting services ...

    Any chance to ever see an edit function for the comments?
  • @XenoFan, How so?
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