Sony Files New Patent for a PlayStation Mobile Controller

Sony Files New Patent for a PlayStation Mobile Controller

Richard Walker

Sony has apparently filed a new patent for a mobile controller, seemingly made to fit a mobile phone device between two controller halves. Essentially, it looks exactly like a PS4 DualShock 4 controller split into two pieces, with space for a screen in the middle.

The patent comes from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, and is described as describes "a left side grip portion and a right side grip portion gripped by the left and right hands of the user", according to VGC. The patent (pictured below) also lists “a shaft portion that can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilting direction and tilting amount of the shaft portion.”

You can currently use a PlayStation controller with compatible Bluetooth mobile devices, but the new patent has seemingly been inspired by controllers like the Razer Kishi, which works in much the same way. With PlayStation looking to make a bigger splash into the mobile market, the new controller patent could be part of that endeavour.

“Mobile is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms,” said SIE President and CEO, Jim Ryan (via Eurogamer). “PlayStation has a huge catalogue of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.”

  • While they are at it, they should look into making better internals so that all the crazy stuff that is happening with my Dual Sense is a thing of the past!!
  • Hope they make a phone specifically for this. doubt just any phone will work too. our $100 phone controller only works with your $1600 dollar phone. I already have something like this. I use it to play pokemon and Mario games so not sure if this is something for me.
  • When I imagine dual sense grips left and right on my already rather small S5 that's far too large to hold comfortably over a longer period. And I'm already a big handed guy.

    Who plays games that need a controller on a mobile anyway? That's what a mobile console is for. Like the one they totally forgot they have that still can hold up today. Most phone games I know a touch screen optimized. And those that I can imagine drain the battery super fast, so unless this has a charger pass through, what's the point?
  • The picture looks like a Playstation Switch, would not be a bad thing if it works like at Nintendo
  • I imagine this will mean my phone is drained of all battery power within ten minutes. And call three random numbers somewhere in Australia in the meantime.
  • Seems like an updated VITA to me.
  • An app that will play digital Vita games please... why not.
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