Former Mass Effect Developers Express Interest in Amazon TV Show as Ex-Writer Brands the Idea Cringeworthy

Former Mass Effect Developers Express Interest in Amazon TV Show as Ex-Writer Brands the Idea Cringeworthy

Richard Walker

With news of a Mass Effect TV series potentially in the works for Amazon Prime Video, former BioWare developers have begun expressing their thoughts on the possibility of transforming the sci-fi series into a show for television. And some are more enthusiastic than others.

First up was former Dragon Age writer David Gaider, who aired his misgivings via Twitter, stating that the notion of Mass Effect being adapted for TV makes him “cringe just a little”.

“Those protagonists are designed to be a bit of a blank slate. One that the player fills out with their decisions,” said Gaider. “That’s not going to work for a passive medium. So, suddenly, the protagonist will have their own personality… and their own *story*. That will be weird.”

Gaider also noted that the game's extensive cast of companion characters could also cause their own issues, assuming they're even given ample enough screen time. “They might toss most of them aside in favor of the PLOT,” he continued. “In my mind, that would be a mistake. Both ME’s and DA’s plots were, at best, serviceable. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.”

Player agency being such a vital part of Mass Effect is also addressed by Gaider, noting that it was the choices and interactions with companions that defined your journey through the games. “Choice heightened engagement,” he remarked. “Interactivity was the star, not the plot.”

More positive about the possibility of a Mass Effect TV series is writer Drew Karpyshyn, who, along with composer Sam Hulick, offered to help out with the show. "I'm not involved, but I'm looking forward to it!", Karpyshyn exclaimed on Twitter. "Happy to consult if they want my input. ;)”

Hulick extended his own offer of help, stating: “Hmmmm. I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring on this one,” adding in an interaction with Karpyshyn, ""Haha... I love how we both chimed in with interest in being involved :D".

Karpyshyn contributed to writing on the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, while Hulick has composed music for Mass Effect 1-3, as well as some of the games' DLCs. As for the Mass Effect TV show, rumours point to Henry Cavill potentially being involved, although nothing official has come from Amazon as yet.

While you're waiting to hear more, you can read our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review here.

  • Huh? They assume the series is based on Shepard's story line. There was a bloody galatic war. Lots of room for their own story. Featuring the occasional advert of "I am Commander Shepard and this is my favourite sotre in the Citadel." for giggles.
  • @1 That’s true, if they’re just adapting universe and lore of ME into a TV show instead Shepherd’s specific story, then the problem of adapting player agency from game to show wouldn’t be an issue at all
  • Given the not so great reception to Andromeda and how well the first 3 were received and why, it's safe to assume that Mass Effect is Shepard. Plus, has there ever been a game adaptation not based on characters from the game? (ok, Resident Evil, but I wouldn't call that a good choice). They'll wanna play it safe and def use Shepperd.
  • @Unger:
    Assassin's Creed comes immediately to mind as a story strong game series with known characters
    Prince of Persia is only loosely based on the Sands of Time subseries, Silent Hill isn't based on the games neither. Also Doom.
    Then you have plenty of movies telling a story based in the World like Monster Hunter, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Story. Uhm ... speaking of Boll does Postal count?

    And of course the Fast and Furious series which is not based on any Need for Speed but will forever be the best video game adaption for me. :D
  • No writer at BioWare has the write to call any other writers work cringy. The stories of Mass Effect were always broken due to the ability to make choices. Was it an awesome feature? Damn right, but it was always conflicting.

    But Andromeda was the stake to the heart of Mass Effect. The TV show will be the decapitation, and then the upcoming game will be where they finally throw the franchise on the bonfire.

    BioWare ex and current employees had a few damn good hits, so good that they haven't been beaten to this day. But they had there time and wrecked it, now the new staff are there to continue fucking it all up. As for the TV show. I never watched the Witcher but heard it was okay, but I always felt the best way to adapt these massive games to the big screen would be through animation where creativity can give the V's to limitations.
  • @Unger If ME can only be done with Shepherd’s story in mind, then this franchise is a dead relic of the past.
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