Time-Loop Thriller 'Twelve Minutes' is Coming to PlayStation in December

Time-Loop Thriller 'Twelve Minutes' is Coming to PlayStation in December

Richard Walker

Annapurna Interactive has announced that  Twelve Minutes, the real-time interactive thriller from developer Luis Antonio, will be making the jump to PlayStation in December, following an August release for Xbox and PC. Starring Split and X-Men actor James McAvoy as ‘the man’ and Star Wars and Murder on the Orient Express actor Daisy Ridley as ‘the woman’, events take a turn for the worst when ‘the intruder’ enters the picture.

Portrayed by The Lighthouse and Platoon star Willem Dafoe, ‘the intruder’ is a police detective who breaks into your home, interrupting a romantic evening, before accusing your wife of murder, and then knocking you out cold. Clearly, all is not as it seems, and it'll fall to you to relive a 12-minute loop again and again using the knowledge of what's gone before, to stop the cycle.

Returned to the beginning of the evening where you can alter events and ultimately change the outcome, Twelve Minutes will put your grey matter to the test when it launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on 7th December 2021. You can check out the release trailer below.

  • Nice, was wondering when this was finally coming to Playstation. Hate it when M$ pays for this timed exlusivity. Just make your own games already
  • @#1 lol yeah because playstation never pay for timed exclusives, if anything they are worse for it than xbox.
  • @2 EGS: hold my fortnite money.
  • @1 Yeah, it’s not like any big games are ever on huge timed exclusive contracts for PlayStation. I hear FFVII Remake is doing well on Xbox, and I’m sure Xbox users are real excited to play KOTOR Remake the day it comes out.

    Oh wait
  • Yeah, because I mentioned that when Sony does it, it's a good thing smh
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