A Short Hike Review A Short But Sweet Adventure Thats Worth Taking

A Short Hike Review: A Short But Sweet Adventure That’s Worth Taking

Matt Lorrigan

I should probably go on more walks. That was my first thought when I started playing A Short Hike, and I’m sure I’m not alone in frequently choosing to sit on the sofa and boot up a video game, rather than doing something more active. Claire, the protagonist of A Short Hike, appears to be much the same, sleeping in and staying by her aunt’s cabin, even when surrounded by the vast wilderness of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. 

Forced out of her comfort zone, however, by the desperate need for mobile phone signal (again, very relatable) Claire and yourself set off on a journey into the wilderness. A short hike, if you will. But is this bite-sized adventure a walk worth embarking upon?

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