Terminator Resistance Enhanced Annihilation Line DLC Coming to PS5 in December

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced 'Annihilation Line' DLC Coming to PS5 in December

Richard Walker

Publisher Reef Entertainment has announced new narrative DLC for Terminator: Resistance, coming to the PS5 and PC versions of developer Teyon's first-person shooter take on the apocalyptic movie franchise. Titled ‘Annihilation Line’, the DLC takes place during the mid-point of the main campaign, with Jacob Rivers continuing the fight.

Set in the wake of the first Infiltrator being destroyed by the Resistance, orders from John Connor have been sent out, leading Rivers to investigate the Northridge Outpost, a civilian settlement that has mysteriously fallen silent. With no one at the outpost radioing in, you'll need to determine what's happened, and whether Skynet is involved.

Rivers will join a small team of Resistance troops led by Kyle Reese, heading into dangerous territory beyond the titular Annihilation Line. The DLC promises more than 4 hours of new campaign content, taking Rivers to new areas of California, while offering more backstory, more weapons, and several new characters to interact with.

Terminator: Resistance's Annihilation Line DLC will be available for PlayStation 5 and PC from 10th December.

  • I loved my time with the base PS4 game.

    Whilst it isn't perfect, I think the game is underrated.
  • How about that.
  • Narrative DLC? Really?
  • so ps4 will be ignored again
  • Damn, was hoping this would be coming to the PS4 version. Oh well guess i'll be saving a few quid then.
  • Enjoyed the PS4 game and just installed it to ps5 for another go. Dlc will be a great addition
  • They had already announced they were working on a dlc expansion that would be for the enhanced edition releases back when they were announced, not sure why it's such a surprise that it won't be on the PS4 version. Not to mention Infiltrator mode is PS5/PC only because they wanted to focus on new gen.
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