Deaths Door Review A Brilliantly Unique Soulslike Worth Crowing About

Death's Door Review: A Brilliantly Unique Soulslike Worth Crowing About

Richard Walker

According to Death's Door, the afterlife will involve a crow reaping your soul to be stored in a vault for all time. But within the world of developer Acid Nerve's dungeon crawler, certain folks have found a way to cheat death, prolonging their life well beyond its expiry date. Therefore, it falls to you to set things straight, when the soul you're assigned to collect goes astray.

Few games have seen you assuming control of a crow armed with a little sword, but Death's Door isn't just any old game. It pulls in influences from numerous places, making for an intriguing and compellingly unique experience. Reaping the souls of the dead as a crow sounds like good fun on paper, but is the Titan Souls developer's sophomore effort worth sticking your beak into?

Read our definitive Death's Door review to find out.

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