Hitman 3s Second Year of Content Includes New Maps Storylines and Modes

Hitman 3's Second Year of Content Includes New Maps, Storylines, and Modes

Matt Lorrigan

Developer IO Interactive has teased its plans for Hitman III's second year of post-launch content, and there's plenty to be excited about.

This new information comes as the World of Assassination trilogy - starting with Hitman in 2016 - passes 50 million players worldwide. Additionally, Hitman III has now become the most successful Hitman game of all time, according to the developer.

But what can we expect from Hitman III in 2022? Well, IOI has promised new maps, new storylines, and new ways to play, including a new mode called Elusive Target Arcade. This new mode is a new way to play the fan-favourite Elusive Target mode, although we don't have more specific details yet.

Hitman III will also be getting a major update in Spring 2022, and while IO Interactive hasn't said anything about this mode, a brief tease in the trailer below seems to show the return of Agent 47's hideout, which hasn't been seen since Hitman: Blood Money. Nice!

You can check out the Hitman III - Year 2 announcement trailer down below. Full details on what to expect will be revealed in January 2022.

  • cool....i wish they would patch the last level challenges tho, its been blocking me out of the platinum
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