Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review An Assured Absorbing Take on the Iconic Literary Sleuth

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review: An Assured, Absorbing Take on the Iconic Literary Sleuth

Richard Walker

Along with Batman and Hercule Poirot, few fictional detectives are quite as prolific or as universally recognised as Sherlock Holmes. The subject of numerous video game adaptations over the years, joining the range of TV shows and movies, almost everyone has a grasp on who Sherlock is, but for Chapter One, developer Frogwares has gone back to the beginning of his illustrious career.

Set within Sherlock's childhood home of Cordona, Chapter One is a less linear, more open-world affair than its forebears, telling the story of Holmes' early years as a sleuth, with a glut of side cases alongside the usual, deeper and more involved murder mysteries. There's as much intrigue as there's ever been, but does the open world approach work?

Read our definitive Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review to find out.

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